Catch Me Before I Fall

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  • Published: 9 Feb 2013
  • Updated: 27 Oct 2013
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I'm just a girl, there's nothing wrong, my abusive mother is an alcoholic person, ever since my dad passed away. I hate One Direction, by the way....Now everything is messed up because my stupid mum that needs money, and I have to marry this stupid guy I don't know. All I want is for someone to Catch Me Before I fall oh and my names Dylan LeVale, did I mention?


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                                          Dylan's P.O.V

     I unlocked my phone, and picked up, "H-Hello." I whispered. I heard her laughing, and hooting out with the laughter,"Great job, now plan 1 is done. Plan two is next, win his heart do anything you can do. Just get the money and you're free. Steal his money or anything, give it to me. And that's all. You're free..." She whispered. I wanted to be free,but stealing? No. I can't steal. I finally spoke up,"No. I will not steal." I did it. Spoke up...
   "What?" She hissed. I bit my lip, I can't do it."I said no." That's it Dylan.."That's it. Speak up, you're pulling my leg huh?" She laughed again. "No I'm not mother. I told you I shan't steal. That's it, period." I spat. She stopped and shouted,"Okay, Ms. Slut. I'll give you the end of the month. And you don't give me the money. You will die, along with your useless dumbass father." She hanged up. Leaving me nothing to do. I turned around and looked at Niall, "Hey what's wrong?" He whispered. I shook my head. "Nothing, just a Mackenzie, call." I lied. He smiled,"You seem sad." I smiled,"Not really that sad. She's just jealous."I lied again. She was never jealous. She was really actually my friend. ONLY friend. 
   "Hmm, okay go to sleep birthday girl." He sighed. He was in his boxers and he was shirtless. Oh...I ignored it and smiled,"I'll be in the bathroom..." "hmm, I'll be watching a movie k." He bit his lip. He took his braces off..I liked him before without braces. (a/n: oh my god!(: and new Niall girls. Always scream Niall loves that and cry. Don't talk about soccer he hates it!). I nodded,"I'll watch with you later." I walked upstairs and stripped down my clothes, thinking about the call. I shouldn't do it...I took a hot bath, lying in the bubble waters. I looked at my bruises and scars- few healed up. I think...I love him? No can't be....Shit.

                                        Niall's P.O.V

    I grabbed out the movies section, my mum gave me. Movies- 'Grease' Hmm, nah. 'Nemo.' Oh yes! I grabbed it out and put it in and paused the intro. She walked out with her hair all wet and in her huge shirt. and some shorts. "Not cold at all?" I smiled. She shook her head,"Never that much. Today was a lovely day." She smiled and kissed my cheeks. Shocker huh, I felt goosebumps. My best friend, kissed me. I smiled,"Yeah, your welcome." Speaking of kisses, I leaned in to kiss her earlier, but someone ruined the phone call. Mackenzie...
Oh off course, I wonder if she really did wanted to kiss me or not. She was so irresistible. But somehow I don't think she even has feelings for me.I bit my lip,"We're watching Nemo." I smiled. 
"Never heard of it." She smiled. I gasped,"You never!" She rolled her eyes,"nope, don't make it a big deal.Some people never seen, Hangover or uhm Pitch Perfect or other movies." :Like the Human Ceti-" 
I was cut off,"EWW NO! DON'T SAY THAT! GROSS MOVIE EVER! Mackenzie took me to watch it.." She shivered. I laughed,"Haha, and that you see but not Nemo." She shook her head,"Me mum blocked the TV channel and yeah. The only thing I can be out is that Mackenzie takes it or I buy beer for her to bribe. Sometimes I'm a bad ass I sneak out." she smirked. I smiled,"woah okay. Let's watch shall we." 
  "We shall." She smiled. I pressed play on the remote, there wasn't any intro but the word- 'Niall and Dylan! 5 year olds (: ' 
I watched eagerly, she looked puzzled but crossed her arms and watched. 
"Ni! Ni! Ni!" young Dylan shouted running around the meadow. I remembered it. "Dylan, go have fun with Niall." Mr. LeVale shouted. 
   "No!" She protested while laughing, she was dancing with me- we looked so happy. "Niall,friends?" She smiled. The young me smiled,"Best Friends!" We hugged and started dressing up and dancing. "Niall, it's time to go to school!" My mum shouted. "Dylan's downstairs." There I was, tumbling downstairs,"Dylan!" I was in my shorts and little kiddie shirt that said,RAWR. My back pack was the color red and with bright colors splashed on it. I remembered people were making fun of me, thinking I was gay- but Dylan always had my back- she was also bullied, in age 15 and 16. But this video of us at age 6 was perfect. We were so happy. Until 2 years later....
   I turned my head, facing her, she frowned,"That girl looks like me...."She whispered."And that boy....he's always flashing in my mind." I paused it, I didn't want her to know,"Oops wrong video, uhm it was erm, edited. Okay let's go to sleep. Night!" I grabbed her arm, making her jump up. We were upstairs, I set her to bed, she didn't say a thing but closed her eyes. I walked downstairs. I should probably hide this- but I'll watch it for a bit. I kept watching- until my eyelids couldn't open,'Niall! Please don't leave me. My dad left me and Zach. Not you too.' She hugged me. She was so beautiful. Her blonde locks were near her shoulders. But this Dylan was different. Her smiles faded, her hair is now brown. Unhappy...was the key. I regret the day I left her. It was all my fault. My fault....that she was in the accident. Mine....'It's all your fault Niall!' 'FAULT OF YOURS!' 'NIALL WHY!' 


A/N: Hey guys (: It's the mid of the book! there's more climax!! <3 <3 And hmm, does anyone know how to make trailers? If you do please notify me. And please make me one for this book? I'll tell you the description, but please whoever does know how to please notify me! I really want to have one trailer! (: 

P.S I will update more <3 <3



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