Catch Me Before I Fall

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  • Published: 9 Feb 2013
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I'm just a girl, there's nothing wrong, my abusive mother is an alcoholic person, ever since my dad passed away. I hate One Direction, by the way....Now everything is messed up because my stupid mum that needs money, and I have to marry this stupid guy I don't know. All I want is for someone to Catch Me Before I fall oh and my names Dylan LeVale, did I mention?


48. "Kiss Me"

Dylan's P.O.V

 I felt pressure underneath my chest. I looked at him- my face blushing red than ever. He said, 'I love you'. I never felt this way- I thought he hated me. No one ever said 'I love you' to me. I always thought I was that useless girl, that was so ugly, nobody liked me. Blinked twice and looked at him- "Do you love me?" His blue eyes sparked into mine. He nodded. I sighed- not knowing what to reply to that. 

"Dylan, you may not know your past. But there is a secret beyond us." I shook my head not believing in it. I don't remember so why should I trust him? I looked at him and was speechless, 

"I'm sorry Niall. I don't remember anything;at all. But I love you too." It hurts to say 'I love you'. The last person who said I love you to me was my father. He smiled and hugged me,"I'm sorry." 

"Me too." I replied. He kissed me cheeks-I was blushing real hard. How we were going so fast-we met at Nando's. He kind of stalked me;we found out we're marrying. Then, a fight between each other. And poof we're here now. Still I remember nothing. He leaned in to kiss me-but then my phone rang. Every time. He groaned in annoyance and smiled at me. "I'll be downstairs eating all Sophia's spaghetti." 

I pouted,"Don't."  He chuckled,"I'll see you downstairs, princess." And left. I blushed- never felt this way before. Calm down Dylan he's just cuddling you-or just being nice so I feel great. He doesn't love you-but what about the words. He said,'I love you'. Did he really mean it? I mean-everybody means it, right? And about the kiss-he tried to kiss me. All of the sudden I remembered the phone call. I picked up and said,"Yello." 

"Yello my ass. I know you were about to kiss him." A voice hissed. I was scared-who is that.
"Who are you?" My voice quivered. It didn't sound like Cassandra. Did it? Deep and husky. 
"Don't tell anyone about this. I will kill you if I have too and steal the money." 
"Cassandra?!" I screamed quietly. 

"" Then the hung up. I was scared. Who could it be. Niall then knocked on the door,"Hey babe time to eat." 

"Okay Niall hold on." I flushed the toilet, showing that I did go to the bathroom. I washed my hands and walked out-smiling my best. He hold my hand and we went downstairs. Awes were coming from Liam and Harry. "shut Harold." Zayn rolled his eyes,"It's like this. Awwwww" Louis laughed,"Congrats. You two." 

We smiled and sat down together. "So what happened in the bathroom?" Eleanor winked. I laughed,"You dirty minder! We're just forgiving each other." 
"Do you remember?" Zach looked curious. I shook my head,"still a no brainer." 

Sophia just laughed at all of our comments. We were having fun-I had no fun since then. Louis then suggested,"How about we play Dare or Drink? And whoever chickens out has to drink this!" Louis pulled out shots. I shivered- I don't even want to drink shots. I don't want to be my mom. "What's wrong?" Eleanor looked at me. 

"I don't want to be like mum, Zach." I looked at Zach. He nodded. "She doesn't drink. Afraid to be like her mom." Harry looked at me,"You don't look like her. You aren't her. Just a little party." I smiled, "Okay. Just tonight!" We were doing goofy stuff and inappropriate stuff. The person who chickened out the most was Liam. Off course that sweet kid doesn't drink that much- but woah he does- 8 shots for him. He chickened out on dares. So he had to drink the shots. I for one hand did't want to get drunk-so I did mostly all the dares. 

One of the dares was bad- I had to snog Niall. I didn't want to do those-so I just drank. Chicken am I? Yep, I am. Eleanor and Louis had to do crazy stuff. Get out of their clothes and run across the street shouting, 'Fuck you peasants!' 

Zach finally crawled out of his shell and he had to do 7 minutes in heaven with Sophia. Eww. Wonder what they did in there...Zayn and Harry- well they had to call a stripper to Simon's house. I was already drunk, more shots than anyone in the room. 10 shots. Amazing and unbelievable. All of the dares I was dared were to snog Niall. Kiss Niall. Make out with Niall. And touch Harry. Touch Harry? What the fuck. Niall was way beyond drunk. He was looking like a mess with me. 

"WE WISH YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS!" Niall and I shouted. Harry and Eleanor plugged their ears. Zayn and Liam started tweeting pictures of us shouting. Louis was finding duck tape and there Zach and Sophia slept through all this noise. I began walking outside and Niall was following me. 

"Why are you l-l-eaving." He slurred. I slurred back and smiled falling on top oh his chest. We fell on the sand. "I'm not going anywhere. Just want some f-fresh air. A-and my d-daddy." I pointed up the stars. He looked at me and squinted, "You're dad sure is sparkly" 

I laughed and stopped. "Don't stop laughing. It's like chimes through my ears." He hugged me. I leaned on his chest. "I love you." 
He stopped breathing. I heard a beat in his heart. Thump-Thump-Thump. "I love you too." I kissed his cheeks. Niall liked his lips,"Kiss me." 

Niall's P.O.V -Heres the time warp thing- -Before they were drunk,at the bathroom-

I pressed my ears against the bathroom door. Someone wants to kill Dylan again. I sighed- I must protect the girl I love. Fuck, we could have kissed, but no- they had to call Dylan. I turned on my phone and heard what Dylan was saying. Like I said, I could see her text or calls. The guy didn't have any number. He had some sort of app. 

I saved this app and turned around seeing Dylan walk out. She looked so beautiful, I smiled and grabbed her hand to downstairs. She was talking to Sophia and Eleanor. I pulled Zach and the others in a group and wrote down the app's name. 

"I've seen this app before." Harry looked up. 
"From who?" Liam looked at him and down. 
"When I had Dylan's phone. I saw a picture of an app sent to Dylan. The person who sent the app picture was, Devil Of The Sluts. She's been using it all along." 

Zayn nodded,"This is a free app. It doesn't have any purchases to it." I saw Zayn looking in Harry's phone. The app store. "Someone so poor that needs to steal money from Niall, bought an IPhone." Louis laughed. I chuckled,"You're right. I remember I gave Dylan 300 dollars. She needed it for some medicine. France's medicine costs a lot. Right?" 

"Dylan is always healthy as a horse. Why would she need medicine? I mean when I had the flu. Dylan never had it." Zach muttered,"France's medicine isn't expensive..." 

"So she must bought the IPhone and sent it to the guy." Harry frowned. The guy is a girl. Because Devil of the Sluts. "It's a girl..." 

We were all drunk- I was about to shout random stuff to Dylan. I wanted to kiss her, hug her, touch her. It's been a long time...I finally spoke, while we laid down in the grass. Zach lived next to a beach...lucky butt. "Kiss me." She looked at me- wide eyes....


A/N: Mwhahaha I stopped it there :3.

Sorry if I didnt update yesterday. I had a wedding yesterday. And I was the flower girl~ 
Will she kiss Niall? Find out! Please read my still writing story: 'Irresistible' and fan, like,favorite,comment,also #TeamNylan or it's #TeamDiall 

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