Catch Me Before I Fall

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  • Published: 9 Feb 2013
  • Updated: 27 Oct 2013
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I'm just a girl, there's nothing wrong, my abusive mother is an alcoholic person, ever since my dad passed away. I hate One Direction, by the way....Now everything is messed up because my stupid mum that needs money, and I have to marry this stupid guy I don't know. All I want is for someone to Catch Me Before I fall oh and my names Dylan LeVale, did I mention?


34. "Impossible"


                                                                        Dylan' s P.O.V

     I noticed that Niall wasn't in the bed, I took off the duvet and set it aside, I began to walk downstairs, looking at Niall- sound asleep on the couch. The T-V was on. I was really curious how the girl's voice-use to be hair- happiness was like me. She looked like the young me. And the little boy, just like- the boy in my dreams. He did have the reflection of Niall's...but younger. No..this is all wrong. All too wrong. I sat on the ground- aside of Niall, next to the couch. Watching the little boy and little me. She had the same name as me. Also the boy did too- like Niall's. I don't understand. That's my mum and that's Mrs. Horan and Mr. Horan. My dad's filming this- along Zach laughing. I didn't understand, everybody screaming with joy. But here I am, sitting next to a video full of nothing I remembered much- but most of all, some of them were in my dreams and flashbacks. One last thing of all- the boy looked awfully like Niall, but younger. 
   Every happy memories were gone to my head- but it's in there somewhere. I sighed,"This is so wrong." I looked at the t.v again. The little children and laughing were gone. All of the sudden the tv screen was blank, and a a film popped up. Showing a funeral. Everyone was wearing white banners on their head. People were wearing black. Everything black. I saw a casket, with a body in it. Somebody was holding the camera-it was Mr. Horan. He was holding the camera. He filmed the whole funeral. All I saw was the lady with blonde hair and a black dress, crying out her eyes. I saw a little girl crying more than the lady. She had blonde hair, I assumed it was a daughter of her's. Wait- daughter, and funeral- that's me. No, it can't be. My father's death! The little boy ran over to her. 
   'Everything will be alright. Please don't cry." His gentle words said. Of course the little girl didn't agreed with me. She removed her hands from her face, and stood up. Suddenly, the priest finally said, 'Rise above for Carter George LeVale. He was known as a good fellow man. A father of two.' He started pointing to the tall boy who looked like Zach and the little girl. The boy bit his lip, while standing up with little confidence, holding in the tears. The little girl was with the little boy, she shook her head. Mr. Horan stood up as you can see and filmed the priest. All of the sudden you can hear the little boy whispered,'It's alright.' I could see my aunts, uncles, grandmothers,and grandfathers. Including cousins wiping tears. Best friends from college and high school were there. 
    'We will have a speech from Frank Gine. Cassandra is too weak to speak.' The priest moved aside. Where Frank, my dad's brother looking down. 'He was the best brother I could ever have. So far he helped me, many little brothers do. He's just..' He paused holding in his tears. 'young to be like this.' The little girl couldn't do anymore but scream,'it's all my fault! It's all my fault!I killed him on purpose. I wouldn't listen to him! I had to call the police, I had to call them! My phone was full volume, if I wouldn't listen to him we would all be doing what we should not doing this- this-this stupid funeral! My daddy isn't dead at all! He's still here. He's faking!' The girl screamed with all her might. Everyone turned around facing her-including the camera. The little girl ran over to her dad,'daddy! daddy! Stop fooling! Tell them they're wrong! You're not dead!' Her Irish accent screamed. 
    Cassandra pulled her away,'You iggorant bitch, stop it you have to ruin stuff. Shut up and sit down!' She slapped the girl. Everyone nodded- I despise my family. They never did loved me. Zach ran over and hold me,'Sorry about that, she has head difficulties..' He fake smiled and pulled me out of the funeral- but out to the graveyard. I was gone, but then the little boy ran out. Mr. Horan and Mrs. Horan shook their head, 'I don't really agree Cassandra hitting poor little Dylan.' Mrs. Horan whispered. Mr. Horan nodded,'I don't either. We should help her, she's been through a lot. Greg, go watch them for us please.' Greg nodded, walking out. Everyone continued listening to Frank. Cassandra the evil little bitch stopped crying but smiled evily and watched my father laying in the coffin. I couldn't watch it anymore- the one video I never wanted to watch is that, my father was buried. Zach now had the camera, holding it. 
    'You alright?' Zach whispered to me, as everyone watched my father buried in his grave. I leaned against the tree didn't replying anything but cried. Zach turned off the camera. It was the last time I ever touched the camera....
     I hold my head, fighting against my tears. "Im- Impossible." I never remembered that, I never did. I heard a voice, 'It's all my fault." I turned around and saw Niall whisper in his dreams. How was it his fault. I shook my head. All the tape I watched- it's wrong. I never did remembered it. I don't understand. I wiped my tears idmediatly. "No, it's all fake." I ignored everything and turned off the T.V and the disc. I walked upstairs and closed my eyes. "Impossible." 

   A/N: I know it's a short chapter. But I have to practice my CST test again ): 
I will try to update one more time now! <3
~J.1D<3  or Jackie

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