Catch Me Before I Fall

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  • Published: 9 Feb 2013
  • Updated: 27 Oct 2013
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I'm just a girl, there's nothing wrong, my abusive mother is an alcoholic person, ever since my dad passed away. I hate One Direction, by the way....Now everything is messed up because my stupid mum that needs money, and I have to marry this stupid guy I don't know. All I want is for someone to Catch Me Before I fall oh and my names Dylan LeVale, did I mention?


38. I have a Plan...Shh....

     Liam's P.O.V

      "What? What do you mean, you don't trust Dylan?" I scrunched my face. "Well, she might break out little Irish boy." Zayn explained. "Doesn't mean you have to hate her." Eleanor rolled her eyes. "I don't hate her, it's just that-" 
"They known each other for a long time! She's not going to break his heart. " Danielle chuckled, hugging me. We were sitting inside the tea shop. We were drinking Green tea. 
      "Oh right- yeah. Seem so strange that Louis, Niall, and Harry are hanging out? Like hiding something from us? Remember at our flat? They were muttering something without us." Zayn bit his lip. 
"Possible. But I think not. They're probably trying to talk to Dylan? A surprise party?" I laughed. Danielle and Eleanor looked confused-"Uhm, you boys go ahead and talk. We're going back to the hotel." 
       "Don't get run over by crazed directioners. French directioners these days, speaking of getting run over. Stupid managements! I mean seriously Harry was almost run over when we got out of the hotel. Poor Harry, that's why he came back. Plus, we already ran away from him." Zayn chuckled. I shook my head,"I still felt bad." "Feeling bad better than getting run over!" Danielle and Eleanor rolled their eyes, walking back to the hotel. 
        "You sure?" Zayn said, sipping his tea. I removed the tea from my cup, by sipping it."Um. Yeah I am. Like, they possibly can't hid from us? Maybe they have to make a-" "I get it. But still.Want to eavesdrop on them!?" "Haha, no. I'm not really that ba-" "C'mon I know you want to!" "Uh....oh alright! You got me." We agreed- I on the other and still felt bad. 
     "What are you guy's doing here? I thought you guy's were too busy to hang out with us." Dan (Danielle) kid. "Well maybe we wanted to come back, and talk." I smiled. "Whatever- we're going to Dylan. You guy's are acting strange. The boys are in the other living room. I betta not get in there." El sighed- going upstairs along with Dan. "Now's our chance." Zayn smiled, pulling me to the door. We leaned our ears next to the doors. "You go. I shouldn't I'll be upstairs with the girls." I chuckled to myself. Zayn, rolled his eyes. "Fine, pussy." I opened my mouth,"Am not!" "Am too." "You're rude." "The truth hurt-" "AHEM." Louis opened the door, crossing his arms. "I can not believe you. The nerve of some people!" He put his sass on. 

    Louis's P.O.V

      I crossed my arms- "Really?" Harry sighed. "Did you hear anything?" 
"Uh...about Dylan lying..." Zayn sighed,"Guilty as charge?" "Uh, great!" Niall hit his head on the wall. "Wow, just wow. How could you guys." I pouted. "How could we? How could we? Mate, you hid information from us! The hell? Also telling behind Dylan's back- you, Niall, lad!?" Zayn looked hurt. "Well, I actually only told Louis...." Niall muttered. "And not Liam? Or me? Some least." "Hey! What about me?!" Harry complained. "Shut cho face. I'm talking." Zayn said. Harry rolled his eyes, sighing,"Puh lease. He can trust me- better than all of you." "Is that a challenge I hear?" Liam crossed his arms.
     "Liam, stand back- You don't know anything." I replied. "Woah Woah. Stand back? Daddy Directioner can be in anything he wants." Liam sounded like a drama queen. 
      "Lads, we're fighting stop!" Niall shouted. Making everyone shutting up. Glancing over to Niall shaking his head. "I should have never told you lads." He walked away to the balcony. "Look at us fighting....." I looked- everybody left. I was all alone. I put my hand in my pocket. "Alright...." "Alone." Walking upstairs where the girls were. I leaned near the door. 
        "Yeah, well I don't know how to trust Niall anymore. I mean really....everything I told him. And I think he's hesitating from me. Telling the boys. Mostly all my secrets." Dylan shoved her face in the pillow. "Well, he's a boy they can't handle secrets like Louis does. He just blurts it out. That's why I keep them far away- have a diary at least." Eleanor explained. "You don't get it. A diary can't help. It's just useless paper and writings." "But those writings are your thoughts, hun." "That's illogical. I mean who do you tell secrets to?" "Liam." "Exactly. But you keep them to yourselves sometimes. Don't cah?" Dylan told Dan. 
          "True- but." "No buts. I'm done and tired. I know what to now." 
I leaned even closer but the door wasn't shut. I fell straight through the door- making it open. I landing on the ground. "H-hey...the floors very fluffy. I collect dust bunnies." Dust bunnies? What the hell!? Who the hell does that? El rolled her eyes- "Oh yeah...did you just hear the convo?" "Yeah." I closed the door, locking it. "Plans?" 

   Dylan's P.O.V

    "Plans?" He said. "I don't think I should say anything." I muttered. Rolling across the bed. "See what you did now? You made her sad." Danielle hugged me. "Sorry, Dyl Dyl. But I want to know" He whined. "For what? To tell Niall James Horan? The Boy who told all my secrets-" Reminding about a little boy reading my diary in 3rd grade. I shook it off. "Oh c'mon my bear won't tell." Eleanor hugged Louis. "I swear on my beautiful butt." He said. Everyone gasped. Even I could hear the president gasp. I laughed,"Okay I trust you. If you do tell I will cut off your baby making parts." Eleanor looked at me and said,"Can I do it. He's afraid off me." She smiled. Danielle looked disgusted,"You and all your gross minds." "Sure." I laughed. "Okay okay! Don't cut my babeh! So what's the plan. I'm in."  I smiled devishly....Having a plan....

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