Catch Me Before I Fall

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  • Published: 9 Feb 2013
  • Updated: 27 Oct 2013
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I'm just a girl, there's nothing wrong, my abusive mother is an alcoholic person, ever since my dad passed away. I hate One Direction, by the way....Now everything is messed up because my stupid mum that needs money, and I have to marry this stupid guy I don't know. All I want is for someone to Catch Me Before I fall oh and my names Dylan LeVale, did I mention?


13. Half CompletexX


Dylan's P.O.V                        
    I woke up, washing my face, wearing my ripped jeans and a black shirt, 'See ya', and some purple toms, with no lace. I don't really no how to tie shoes.....I put my hair in a messy bun and washed my face, and brushing my teeth. I walked downstairs thinking: Please mum don't abusive me today...
"hello mum." I sighed.
"Morning daughter of devil, today I'm in a good mood!" She chirped.
Finally a good mood, yeah right because you  had sex with a creepy guy.... speaking of that where is he? Oh he ditched her probably because of your hideous face.
"2 more days!" She giggled. 
"What are you giggling about mum?" I said grabbing my phone standing near the door.
"Your marriage of course, '1 month hang out together then the wedding time.' " She quoted.
I didn't agree on that....I opened the door and began to jog. Morning routine every Friday...
"LOUIS! Come back here!" I heard a husky voice shouted, wait- it's Harry.                
    I saw 5 boys running towards me. Niall was the last. 
"Hello Dylan!" Louis jumped onto me, making me swing. "Hey, um, I have to uhh, jog." I began pacing my steps of jogging.
"Let us come with you!" Zayn started to run behind me. Do these boys ever people a break?  
"So you never told me you had an amnesia?" Niall went through.                    
Liam nudged Niall in the arm.
"Niall, mate, not cool."                      
   What is he talking about? "What?" I knit my eyebrows together. 
"Why are you confused, why didn't you tell me?" Niall shouted.
"I'm sorry, what?" I looked at him, what was he talking about. OUCH my head's throbbing.....
"Don't you what me? I was worried, you wouldn't skype me, text me, or call!" He shouted at me. I don't understand.
"Mate, calm down, you're scaring her." Harry gripped Niall's arm. I was really scared, we just met and he's yelling at me... Help...Sthap please (Lol Sthap :3)                  
     I started to jog away, running from them, it's to mad. CRAZY. I started running, panicking. It's all crazies again from that 10 minute sale! 
"Remember what Maura said! She has amnesia!" I overheard one voice shouted recongnizing it was Louis. I don't have amnesia?! I started running straight to Nando's.
"Morning." I panted. "Woah, it looks like you fell into a lake, why are you in a hurry? You're only 20 minutes early." Mackenzie giggled.
"Problems with some crazy people." I urged.
"Well, you can start working, I bet One Direction might come in again today." She nudged me.
"Shut up, you were the one that gave that 'Niall' guy my phone number and MY HOUSE NUMBER!" I flipped out.                  
"Nah, I didn't give the house number, just only phone number....and guess, what." She smirked. "What?" I asked. "2 more days-" I cut her off
,"Shut it."  She nodded.                   
"Hi how may I help you today? Table for 2?" I asked. I saw a dad and a 5-year old daughter. I smiled.
  "yes, may I have........." He ordered.                                                                        

   Niall's P.O.V    
She ran away.
"Niall! You are scaring her! Maura said she had amnesia! Stop it!" Louis looked at me.
"I-I-I just can't take it anymore, she's not the right person. It's all my fault!" I shouted.
"It's not your fault." Liam said while patting my back.
"Just make her remember." Harry whispered.              
    "How? In 2 day? I can't! Because I have an arranged marriage with some freak!" I exclaimed. I didn't mean to say freak.....
"Can't you cancel the 'Get together, for 1 month.' " Zayn asked.
"No, I can't. Unless you have a hypnotizing watch, then I could change my mum's mind." I sighed.        
     "Say sorry to her, afternoon 5:00 pm, get ready, and I'll get a reservation to this fancy restaurant." Harry said. "How am I suppose to get her?" I said.
"You got her phone number, call her." Louis bit his lip.  I nodded.   

Text Dyl Dyl :  I'm sorry. I didn't mean to get mad.):  

Response: >.> Whatever...   I shook my head.

"Ouch, rejected." Zayn sighed.
"give it to me." Liam grabbed my phone.                

Text Dyl Dyl: I'm sorry, my sweet friend, I didn't want to hurt you or anything, I just was really confused. I just have this bad headache, I'm sorry for taking it on you, I wuv you friend. I don't want to loose you. Look I have 2 days to spend with you, then I have to leave for a business. :C  Please forgive me </3  

Response: Um, ditto, I have 2 days to hang out in Mullingar, apology accepted. (: But you have to do something back. <3(friend)                  

 I looked at Liam. "Thanks mate." I hugged him. "No problem.I can handle it. Now just invite her to a restaurant." Liam said. I nodded.  

Text Dyl Dyl: Get ready at 5:00. I'm bringing you to a something special.  
Response: ......special? You don't have too....  
Text Dyl Dyl: Yes I do. Please >~<  
Response: Fine, if that pleases you.....  
  I smiled. My plan is halfway complete....

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