Catch Me Before I Fall

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  • Published: 9 Feb 2013
  • Updated: 27 Oct 2013
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I'm just a girl, there's nothing wrong, my abusive mother is an alcoholic person, ever since my dad passed away. I hate One Direction, by the way....Now everything is messed up because my stupid mum that needs money, and I have to marry this stupid guy I don't know. All I want is for someone to Catch Me Before I fall oh and my names Dylan LeVale, did I mention?


5. Future Life



    I woke up seeing the sunshine bright, flowing across my bruised arm. Everything was okay. For the past 2 years, mum abused me. I still lived. I cut myself with a razor. 2 marks. 3 deep cuts. Number 1 was for the misery of my dad's past. Number 2 was for the frustrations from school, being bullied; good thing I graduated. Number 3 was for hating the band One Direction; Urgh I hate them...even the guy name Niall. Number 4 was that I have an arranged marriage who i don't FUCKING know. And the last one, was for fun. 
    I brushed my brown hair which used to be brunette and tied it in a bun. I wore my ripped jeans, and a long sleeve shirt, like Bella from Twilight. I wore my TOMS and walked downstairs seeing my mum laid down drunk and beat. 
"Morning mum.' I smiled half- I hate her ever since I got home from the hospital. I was hiding from the bruises. Making lies, that I fell down the stairs. I tripped. I played a sport. Urgh, all the lies! Now she made me curse!      
     She was sometimes nice and sometimes mean. It wasn't the real beating of a life time. She just needed to get away from Carter, dad. And Zach forever. He was afraid of her. 
   "Morning to you, asshole." She scowled. See everytime she talks to me, it usually ends with a cussing word.
"Mum, would you like anything today? I'm working in a bakery shop." off course Ireland has Nando's  
     "Work at Nando's, quit Bakery." She muttered. "And, Dylan. You are meeting your fiance in  Paris, next week." 
I gasped. "But mum, I'm not old enough and I don't know him."  "Dylan, it's complicated. I NEED you to marry him. I NEED the MONEY." She replied.     
   I nodded..
I walked out of the house...why marriage. I'm 18, turning 19 in about 2 weeks. September 15.... I closed my eyes and turned on the radio,    
   "AND HERE IS ONE DIRECTION!" The radio man shouted.
"Said I never leave her cuz her hands fit like her t-shirt tongue tied over 3 words cursed."   I sighed. I hate them..... I began driving to Nando's. I hate my life.

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