Catch Me Before I Fall

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  • Published: 9 Feb 2013
  • Updated: 27 Oct 2013
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I'm just a girl, there's nothing wrong, my abusive mother is an alcoholic person, ever since my dad passed away. I hate One Direction, by the way....Now everything is messed up because my stupid mum that needs money, and I have to marry this stupid guy I don't know. All I want is for someone to Catch Me Before I fall oh and my names Dylan LeVale, did I mention?


12. Don't Worry.


Dylan's P.O.V

I smiled.
I closed my eyes, it was night, well at 8:00. Mom usually comes home with a guy at 12:00 ish. Nighty Night, Dylan. Tomorrow will be a great day.....                                                            

Niall's P.O.V

I walked out. She still doesn't remember me, weren't we still best friends, why am I moved down to the 'Friends zone?'  What the hell is going on. I need to know.  I looked at the boys worried look,
"What are you thinking about? She met you. Get over it." Louis chuckled. He wasn't sure what REALLY is going on. I started to walk to the park.   
     The boys started to follow.
"Niall, lad, you're making us worrying...." Liam said. I stopped. Yeah I am.
"Sorry mates, it's just, she's changing....I don't know what happen ever since I left." I stared at the boy's orbs.
"It's fine, don't worry, she's going to talk to you tomorrow, text her, say something meeting at a park or something." Harry described,
"Then she's yours." I laughed,"yeah right, I am not any of those flirty boys."
Harry shook his head in disappointment.    
     "How about just bring her to a mall, talk, and ask her then she answers and poof! You're best friends now." Zayn said.
"I agree to you Zayn...." Louis nodded.
Harry looked displeased. Liam nodded in agreement.
I smiled. "Fine, your way Zayn." I sighed. 
"Now what? Can we just go home and eat?" Harry chuckled. Speaking of eating....
"YES!! I'M HUNGRY!" I shouted.    
      "That's the Niall I know!" Louis smiled.
"Mom, we're home!" I shouted.
"Right in time! Dinner's ready baby!"  Mom set out chicken, YUM! salad, carrots,pizza, and Harry's favorite, cornbread. I kissed mom on the cheeks, 
"love you."I sat down began munching on dinner,     
      "Did you had fun traveling around the neighborhood?" Dad asked. I nodded.
"We met Niall's future girlfriend." Harry smirked.
"Oh-didn't Niall tell you that he's getting-" 
"MOM!" I stared. 
"Married." She smiled.    
     I heard Zayn gagging.
"Breathe boy Breath!" Louis patted Zayn's back.
Harry looked at me,"Ah, he's marrying who?" 
"Well that's a secret, wait until next week." Dad took a bite
. "Well he met Dylan next door today. She had some difficulties, and we helped, and became friends." Liam sighed.
"What kind?" 
"Cutting." I answered.    
     Mom looked at me like I was joking. "That's not nice."
"Well mom it's the truth. She's doesn't even know who I am anymore, I don't get it. I was her best friend, but now, in the friend's zone, like that guy Fred, in 6th grade, who's creeping everyone out!"   
     She raised a brow. "That Fred guy is nice! He gave me cookies!" 
"You don't want to know what was in the cookie mum.....I  found out....about 7 years ago...."  She bite her lip,
"Okay....well I need to tell you, she has amnesia. Can't remember a thing, poor thing, and her mum, her mum must be so we're helping her out." Dad said. I dropped my fork. "Niall pick the fork..." Liam reminded. Everything was quiet after dad said. Just don't worry......I thought to myself.  
  I closed my eyes, sleeping on the bed. The boys on the bed too....very uncomfortable. Can't they sleep in Greg's room?
"We're sorry Niall, for half the loss." Louis sighed. "I understand, don't worry, she'll remember one day...."   One day.....                                
Zayn's P.O.V
I felt so sorry....for half his loss...very.  It's like when I left Perrie on vacation, like a tour. But one day we'll meet again. Durh we live in London. I wish Niall could gain her back.....                                                                                                                 

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