Catch Me Before I Fall

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  • Published: 9 Feb 2013
  • Updated: 27 Oct 2013
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I'm just a girl, there's nothing wrong, my abusive mother is an alcoholic person, ever since my dad passed away. I hate One Direction, by the way....Now everything is messed up because my stupid mum that needs money, and I have to marry this stupid guy I don't know. All I want is for someone to Catch Me Before I fall oh and my names Dylan LeVale, did I mention?


46. Brother and Sister's talk


 A/N: Hey guy's! I'm going to have to tell you guy's something very very straight forward...HAPPY LATE JULY 4TH! Have you guy's seen an amazing beauty of the fireworks, yesterday? I didn't get to update, had a huge party ~ Oh and to let you guy's know, my birthday was last last week. June 28! 13 x!

about this book, I will be writing Dylan's pov from now on. It depends, if I feel like writing, to add more details, probably: Niall's : Cassandra's. Maybe more, thinking about it. I'm still going to keep Dylan's pov on top, because I'm awesome like that! 

Thank you (:  and keep reading! Enjoy this chapter xx


Dylan's P.O.V

 I could tell him, he's your brother. 
"Swear you won't tell anyone?" I sniffed, sitting on his desk. He nodded and smiled,"I swear on my life and my favorite toy, Mr. Snuffles." I chuckled- Mr. Snuffles was his small teddy bear. He couldn't sleep without it. Mum gave him it when it was his 7th birthday. Yeah, I miss her . She was so kind unlike this time. 

"Dylan. Hullo?" Zach waved his hands in my face. I shook my head,"yeah. I'll start." 
"Well, it all started when...."  Seriously? I had to start it like that? Stupid me! I told him everything. Completely my jaw was about to break because it seems like I've been talking for hours. He constantly keeps giving me the strange confused look. I fluttered my lashes and continued at the part where dad's funeral was. Then, several years later, Zach turned 20 and left the house. Now, that's when mum started to blame me everything, saying that I scared Zach and left. Mum also blamed that I was the one that occurred dad's death. Once he left to Paris, mum started to beat me up, abusing. That's all I remember. I then told Zach that I lost few of my memories. I couldn't remember a lot- just this boy is always in my mind. He's a little kid calling my name. 

Zach then spoke,"D-dylan, I am so sorry." He hugged me. I started to hold in my cry, I never wanted to show that I was weak.

'YOU ARE WEAK! NO MATTER WHAT!' Mum shouted at me while punching me. 

"I should call mum and report her to the police-"
"No. She wants money, she can have it. She's also a slut too." Zach smiled,"At least you got Niall." 
"To be honest, Niall doesn't like me, since I treated him like shit." I grabbed a photo on the desk, looking at it. It was a  group photo. Mrs. Horan and Mr. Horan? Our neighbors? And there it was- the boy. My parents were standing behind me with our neighbor, the Horans'. In front of me, who was sitting was Greg Horan and Zach. And next to me was...the my mind, my dreams, and he looked- looked like;Niall. I shook my head and put the photo back. Zach smirked and finally said,"What? Is it because of our slutty mother in that picture?" He's on my side now! "And by the way, Niall will always forgive you." I smiled and hugged him, "Thanks for listening."

 "No problem. I'm always here for you because your my sister, and I love you." He smiled. I nodded,"I love you too."

"Now it's time for me to spill. Girl time!" He joked. "You're not a girl,dude." I chuckled. "I meant gossip." He said in his most american accent. I nodded,"Oui, go on. Tell me. Spill."
"Okay, well you didn't get hit in the head. You went into a car accident. After that, I heard from Mrs. Horan that you lost few memories. A huge concussion after a boy left. He was your best friend, since you were a child." I shook my head, not believing what he said. I made a confused face,"What? I mean this Niall? The Niall Horan from One Direction, was the boy in my dreams and mind? And my neighbor?"

He nodded,"Too early?" 
"I don't believe you." Didn't felt like believing in him ; maybe I do. But it doesn't make any sense. What is he trying to tell me. Zach's blue eyes looked at me again. "Maybe. Just maybe you might understand now." 

I crossed my arms and closed my eyes. "Let me get this straight. Niall is my friend?" Yeah he is my friend, when we met in Nando's. Where he walked out to my car. 
"Look, I'm just saying there's a chance you might remember, the boy." I felt uncertain about this. 

"Okay, I'll tell you what he looks like, and you give me a name." 
Zach agreed. "Since Mrs.Horan and mum arranged this marriage, I didn't want to be with a boy and marrying him at age 19. Who the hell does that. And second, when we were on the plane (Niall) he saw a bruise and kept asking me who did that. I didn't answer, rarely." I cleared my throat.

"After that day, it was my birthday. He brought me to the Eiffel tower, had dinner there. He made me laugh. For the first time, nobody never ever had made me laugh since the accident happened. We almost kissed at the hotel, but then mum called. She made a threat." I cleared my throat again. 

"Go on." He sighed. I breathed the oxygen then answered the whole part where 'Nemo' the movie happened. I had a nightmare. And I finally told him, that the boy kept going on my mind- he was blonde. Blue orbs. A bit cute, chubby but adorable. His hair was straight up and a cracked smile. He looked at me, something peculiar was affecting him. " Tell me Brotha'" 
"It's Niall. I told you, I have some pictures in the basement. Believe me. You guy's use to be friends, great friends." 

"As in best friends?" I hardly use the word best friends. I never had a best friend; that's what I thought. 
"Err yes!" He pulled out a picture in his wallet. "It's was my birthday. You and Niall both sprayed me water for a surprise. Dad took pictures of us and Greg. You know Greg right?"  
"Aye' " I smiled,"Mrs. Horan's son." 
"And Niall's brother." 

He has told me everything. Though I still don't remember. It was getting on my nerves, getting frustrated. "I'm sorry Zach. I don't remember." 
"It's alright. When the time is right..." 

"I have Yorkshire tea. Want s'me?" He shortened some. I nodded,"Yeah." He poured the hot tea pot into the tea cup. I grabbed it and sip a bit. "Hmm, you make a mean Yorkshire tea." 
He chuckled,"Man got talent."
I nodded," You got it from dad didn't you?" He smirked and finally spoke,"I miss him." 
I took a deep breath,"I do too. But he's watching us up there. He's one of the stars." He kissed my forehead,"Yeah, we all do. Even mum." 

I repeated him,"Even mum.." 
"So are the boys coming over to have some spagetti?" He looked at me. "Sophie's at work, she'll get back later." 
"Yeah, I'll text- crap. I don't have my phone. It's lost."
"Yeah 'lost'." He sounded strange. I looked at him, strangely. "What?" 
"Nothing. I'll call them." We talked for 30 minutes and I had to get back- or the rest will get worry about me. "I suggest you will apologize to Niall." He opened the door. I bit my lip- that is so unfair! |
"But he started it!" he chuckled,"Just apologize and get the hang. We'll talk about the plan about mum tomorrow." I nodded, and sat in the taxi. 

It felt good to tell him...Of course he is family...



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