Catch Me Before I Fall

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  • Published: 9 Feb 2013
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I'm just a girl, there's nothing wrong, my abusive mother is an alcoholic person, ever since my dad passed away. I hate One Direction, by the way....Now everything is messed up because my stupid mum that needs money, and I have to marry this stupid guy I don't know. All I want is for someone to Catch Me Before I fall oh and my names Dylan LeVale, did I mention?


32. Best Birthday Part 2


                                                                          Dylan's P.O.V

    I smiled and removed my spoon, and took a fork and bit in the pancake. "Yum." I smirked. He laughed,"You like it? Happy Birthday." He kissed my cheeks. I smiled, he was so nice. Nobody has ever been that nice except Zach and Soph. "I'm done, want to go somewhere." He nodded, grabbing my hand and going outside,"Too the mall!" He smiled. I looked at him, "What about the fan-" He stopped me, "Fans? Don't worry, the real directioners won't give you hate." He tugged me outside to the lobby- all of the sudden the paparazzis were rushing out to us."NIALL NIALL HORAN!" They shouted flashing pictures at us. Niall sighed, he was defeated, "Hello." He smiled. 
   "Hello Niall!" Another pap shouted. 
"Aye, who's this girl?" Rude...just so rude. 
"Well she's my fiance!" Niall grabbed my arm and walked away to the car. 
"That escalated quickly." I laughed, he opened the door of the car for me- a ferrari. "How-"
"When you know a guy." He chuckled as he sat in a car with me. "Ready?" 
I nodded.
   "Well, where do you want to go?" He smirked. "Nothing much really, I just want to hang out. Finally- freedom from my mother." I sighed. "I'm still sorry." He kissed my cheeks. Nobody really did notice Niall and his sunglasses also snapback. 
"You sure? Anything?" I shook my head, I didn't really want anything from him. "Well wait here okay. Here's $20. Go get something, I'm getting something first okay!" He left. I sighed, holding onto the money. I never had any permission to buy anything- just like Dobby the house slave elf in Harry Potter. I bit my lip, "No, I'm not going to buy anything at all." I sat down in those eating chairs and tables- waiting for him. I pulled out my phone and say one message.

1 message

Mac - Hey! How's your fiance? Who is he? Is he sexy?

Reply- Ah well, you swear you won't tell anyone?

Mac- Yes! (:

Reply- Niall Horan, and yeah he is...but not that much...I guess.

Mac- Lies, now stop fooling around!

Reply- Go check on the internet, type in Niall Horan's fiance. *sending picture photo 3*

I then sended another pic of me and Niall. 

Mac - Wow....I'm sorry :o You're OMG!!! 

Reply- Yeah (; Well gotta go bye xx

    I laughed, what's her expression going to be. 
"Hey." He smiled,"Where were you?" I questioned him, making him nervous- off course he was red and swallowing his saliva. "Uhm, just checking something- reservation and yeah." He smirked. What did he do? 
"Okay. I'm going to the restroom. Okay? Be right back." I walked away. Now what?

                                                                                           Niall's P.O.V

    I couldn't tell her what I bought. It was special. The precious- you know what? I'll describe it later. I sat down and pulled out my phone. Off course I changed Louis name, it was funny.

StripesGotSass- Did you do it? 

Reply- Yeah I did- perfect huh? She could meet her father on the Eiffle Tower and then the gift I bought.

StripesGotSass- Well perfect! Now is she telling you anything?

Reply- Yeah, I feel so sad. You know mate? Her mother abuses her. Don't tell anyone.

StripesGotSass- WHAT!!?!?!

Reply- C'mon dude

StripesGotSass- Fine. But we'll talk about this later. 

Reply- Ok.(:

   I waited for her. I smiled as she walked out and grabbed my hand, I couldn't just always tell her it was me. She wouldn't believe me- I was like just a friend/stranger to her. I couldn't tell anyone- Louis. Well I trust him. That's all what I wanted to say. Trusting my friend, but sometimes, he blurts things out. I just don't want the word out and then Dylan gets crushed- her mum comes back. I don't want that to happen. But things clicked. It broke me when I heard her mum abused her and she cut herself. All I wanted to tell her is that- I'm the boy in her dreams, and memories. But she doesn't remember. It broke me, have you ever been forgotten? I don't want her to know, she will go crazy- not believing me, thinking that I'll lie. 
  "Niall, what are you thinking?" She looked at me. Her brunette- I mean brown curls were in her face, her bangs were covering her precious blue eyes. I took the strand and put it behind her ears. "It's a surprise, my darling." I said in my best cooling Irish accent. She sighed and tried back her Irish accent,"For today?" I nodded, intertwining our fingers- does she trust me, to be her husband? Even if we don't know each other- well for her. 
  "Do you trust me." I stopped walking. I looked at the ground of the first floor. She glared at me- is that a no? "Yes I trust you. But it depends, if I trust you a lot." I nodded, grabbing her hand to a store. She bite her pink lips,"Why are we in Forever 21?" I chuckled, "You need to buy stuff. I will be leaving. Just take time here. I'm am going to get Soph, as in Zach's wife. She's going to help you buy stuff. Zach and I are going to have some time." I muttered,"She's in here. I called her first in the morning." I hugged her,"Bye love. Have fun." I then let go- seeing Zach smiling at me out in the store. I walked over to him,"Hey mate." He said.
   "She trusts me. Now, what we're going to do now is that, we're going to Starbucks then talk." Was all I said. 
"Good, we need things to catch up." I couldn't tell him about her mother abusing her. Only Louis would know. 

   "So, how was the talking, you know during the flight?" He said taking a sip of his Frapichino. 
"Aye, not bad- she didn't really trust me at that point- mad at me, when I yelled at her for lying and not telling me anything at Ireland. Ya'know it's just really difficult to gain her trust again- when she doesn't remember me." I sighed; looking down at the ground. 
    "Ya s'rious? (serious) What kind of not telling?" Damn, now I'm going to lie for this part. 
"Oh, well she told me- for" Damn it Niall, what are you telling him now? "For cutting- she said she didn't but she did."
"Oh yeah, she told me." His blonde quiff sighed. He did looked like her- but different. "Anyways any thing she spilled? Her memories." I took a sip of my coffee, setting it down and pressed my lips on my finger. "hmm..." I thought about it-well hell yeah.
    "Yeah, she remembered the time about me. But she doesn't know who he is- his name, which is mine. I can't tell her. Plus, I was young, with her." He looked down,"don't worry- she'll remember." 
     I nodded."Hope so." 

                                                                             Louis' P.O.V

   Well of course he texted me. "So Louis' how was the texting?" I shouldn't tell should I? 
"Maura..." I sighed. She looked at me. I should, it would be better to tell her. Plus she's the mother in law, doesn't she trust her? "Uhm, you know Dylan's mum? What's her name?" I was a wuss. I only asked her that question.
"Ah, why?" 
"Just some reason. Shouldn't the 'best man' know?" I laughed. Actually the best man is Zayn. Niall chose Zayn for best man and he's bragging about it. 
   "Well, Cassandra LeVale. She changed her surname to the orignial, Mavera." She looked at me.
"Well, just making sure-  I don't want to mistake her by saying-" I was cut off by her. She sighed, "By Mrs. LeVale? Yes, she indeed had trouble trying to stay away. She always drink and go clubbing with random strangers- for my example, she sleeps too." 
   "With.." Men? I thought to myself- of course everyday I see outside the window, she crawls home with a guy. Maura nodded,"Despite she was my friend, I still love her..She changed Louis, everyday I hear screaming and howling of laughter. I never did get to see her lovely daughter, Dylan." I sighed- I couldn't tell her about the abusing. I took a deep breath and lied to her, wiping few of the tiniest tear drops,"Dylan's okay now, don't worry." Don't worry, was yet the worst lies ever. She smiled,"Thank you. Now I will be going to work with Bobby, you can call Greg with his wife. If you need anything." (A/N: OH MY GOSH GREG GOT MARRIED :D but stupid 'fans' they crashed it -.- ). She left. I turned around looking for my phone- it wasn't in my pocket. "Damn it!" I searched around, walking to the empty room where Harry is. "Right where I left you." I chuckled, touching my phone- Harry snatched it. 
  "Looking for this?" He smirked. I sighed,"Harry give me the damn phone, and you're horrible acting as a villain, you're more as a...cupcake." I chuckled. He rolled his eyes."Here, at least the secret is out." He tried to leave, I snatched his wrist,"What secret?"  
  "Uhm you know abusing, hurt, secrets ya know." He whispered. "HARRY!" I shouted. "Tsk, tsk Louis you always told me everything, why not now?" He bit his lip, although looked hurt.
"Harry, I promised Niall not to tell anyone. If anything comes out, Dylan-" 
"Dylan would what?" Zayn walked in. Great along with Liam. "Yeah what Zayn said." Harry smirked. I shook my head. "Liam, please get Zayn out." Liam nodded,"C'mon mate." 
  "But we're a part of a band we should know what's going on with Niall's love life." 
"Maybe you shouldn't, it's people's own business not ours." Liam replied quickly. I agreed with Liam for once. "Fine, you all want to hear it? Dylan was-" Harry was shut uped. I slapped his face, "Shut up." I quickly replied. 
   He smiled," You shouldn't done it." I looked in horror. "pregnant!" he laughed. I rolled my eyes. Thank god. He looked at me with the look 'We'll talk later.' 
  "WHAT!" Liam shouted. Zayn laughed," Oh really Harry?" Harry smiled,"Kidding we we're goofing off see." Harry slapped my ass. I rolled my eyes,"C'mon get ready to pack." They all did what I told them. Harry handed me the phone,"You better watch what you leave your phone. I'm not telling them, but you owe me." I hissed,"Owe?" He nodded and walked away. "Jerk." was all I said. "He knows now.." I whispered, how can I tell Niall now?

                                                                                              Dylan's P.O.V

    "Hmm no." Soph sighed. I rolled my eyes,"are we done now? We have like 200 dresses!" I complained
"Oh quite your complaining! We have about 7 dresses. We need one more." She winked at me.
"How will we be able to afford this!" I exclaimed. I never did liked wearing dresses. One flashback came back to me all of the sudden.


'Mummy I don't want to wear a dress!' I whined.
'Baby come on, come here. Let me fluff the dress. We have dinner with the ______.' She smiled. My dress was white with butterflies. My golden locks were near my shoulders, curled as a princess. I hold my teddy bear named. Foo. I looked at myself. Beautiful....but felt so wrong. I hugged mummy, 'Daddy is outside with the Mr.________' She smiled,'let's go.' She hold my arms, pulling me downstairs and outside to the frontyard of the, I forgot the name....
  'why isn't she lovely.' The woman smiled. I smiled back, 'Hello' She smiled and showed me inside, where the boy with blonde hair playing with his Irish hat and marbles. I was with him only- my parents are outside talking. 
He looked up, smiling- his two front teeth were missing, while it was growing. I smiled,'Hi can I play with you?' He smiled back,'Ywesh.'was all he said. I sat down with him.'Nice to meet you again, Dylan. I like your dress. It's very peety.' I smiled,"Tank you." 


   "Something with you?" Soph looked at me. I shook my head." Let's just go home." She bit her lip, "Okay but wear this for tonight." Handing me a a white dress, with a zipper in the back. It was pearl pink, short to my thighs. I smiled,"This is a perfect dress." I then grabbed the heels she gave me, it was pearl high heels, just solid smooth. "Okay then at night, curl your hair and-" 
   "I get it Sophia." I smiled. She nodded,"Okay bye." She then walked away leaving me in there. "Wh-" "Hello Mrs. Horan, right now you need to follow me. I have to beautify you." The girl smiled, her hair was all light red. It looked good and she was much likely wearing ripped jeans and a tank top with combat boots. I followed her,"We're going to my house, Niall hired me to do this. You're a lucky woman." She smiled. I nodded, was I in Hunger Games? "Oh sorry to be rude, my name is Allyson Poruco." She gave me a shake. She drove to her house. I looked at her. "" The house- or penthouse was beautiful, large and huge, she shoved me down sitting down. She laughed,"Sorry about that love. Just a little excited. I'm going to apply make up and do your hair. Then you can start dressing." She put on masscara and then light lipstick. Adding pink blush- very light. She took off my hair tie and started combing my hair lightly. Curling my brown hair. 
   "You excited?" She smiled. I smiled,"For the first time to ever be beautified." She smirked,"It's just getting started. I'll be at your wedding with Lou Teasdale." She chuckled. 
   "Oh okay." Whoever I didn't know who she is....
   "Okay c'mon." She grabbed my arm- pulling my down. I looked at myself. Wow....I looked so different."You like?" 
I nodded,"Well you're fiance's here. Have fun!" She pushed me out closing her door. I heard her laugh. Pushy much? I turned around and looked at the blue eyes."S-Speechless..."He gasped out. I smiled,"Close your mouth, there are flies around." He smiled,"You're beautiful, I like your dress.." He muttered. I felt shocked,"What did you say?" "Nothing..I made reservations at the Eiffel tower." He smiled. "ARE YOU SERIOUS!!" I screamed. He nodded,"Yep, just us.." "Like the suit life of Zach and Cody?" I gasped. "Are you serious! Hell yes! Haha and you wanted it to be with your father." He whispered. I nodded,"Let's go." 

   "For you." He pulled out the chair. We were on top of the Eiffel Tower. Papparazzi's were far below shouting and taking pictures. 
   It was just us, and the waiter. It was beautiful and romantic. I smiled I falling....? 
"Are you cold?" He whispered. "No....I'm just's so beautiful and the stars." I smiled. He sighed,"It's worth it for your 19 birthday. Speaking of it...waiter." He ordered, the waiter set our food on the tables. He whispered to the waiter for something and the waiter responded,"Yes Mr. Horan." 
  "What was that?" I whispered. "Nothing just a little something." I bit my lip and ate my food with him. Spagetti and french bread sticks. The second course was soup. And the last course was steak with special wine. 
  "Uhm Niall I can't drink wine...." I whispered. 
"Why?" He looked up from wiping his mess. "I just never drink before..." He smiled,"You're 19. Y.O.L.O right?" He smirked. I groaned,"Urgh Fuck Y.O.L.O, Niall." I shook my head. "How about Live While We're Young?" 
  "Now you're just quoting songs." I smiled. "Don't you like it?" He whispered. I laughed and then stopped. I never laughed before....I stopped laughing...and looked at him. "What's wrong Dylan? Why did you stop laughing....I never heard you laugh before...that long."
  "I stopped laughing for a long time....but I see someone helped me with it." I smiled. "Thank you Niall." 
All of the sudden the waiter came back with lemon key pie. "Hmm thank you." Niall sighed and the waiter walked away, he turned to face me. "So you actually never laughed." 
"Ever since..." I looked up at the stars.."daddy..." I immediattly wiped my tears. He stood up and hugged me. "Don't cry on your birthday....I'm sorry......" He pulled out a box. He opened it- a diamond necklace shined at me. It was small cracked diamonds around it. I looked at him. "Niall, no I can't take this...." I stuttered. He smiled,"I knew you would say it, but I didn't buy this one. My grandmother gave this to my mother and she gave me this, saying if I ever met a special someone." He kissed my cheeks. 
   I shook my head, "I'm not special." 
"Don't say that." He smiled and pulled my hair to the side, putting it around my neck. I looked down, it was so beautiful..."Niall....thank you. You're the only one that's so kind too me..." I kissed him on the cheeks. 
  "I'm not done yet." He pulled out another box in his pocket and opened the blue velvet box. A diamond engaged ring- he put it on my finger. "And we're done.." He smiled. I smiled and was speechless.....He kissed me on the cheeks and sat back down. "Happy birthday Dylan." "Best birthday ever." I laughed. "Do keep laughing for me." His Irish accent sighed. I nodded,"For you..." I looked at my bracelet....'Best' it was from a best friend....I don't remember his/her name...but one day I will find them.


   We went home back to the hotel, he smiled. "Go to sleep...." I looked at him- his lips we so irresistible. He leaned phone rang. I turned around- "Sorry..." 

He walked away to take a shower, I looked at it- Cassandra.....


SO MUCH HMWK AND TESTS ! xx But please keep reading, favorite, and fan for me? (:

~J.1D<3 or Jackie

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