Catch Me Before I Fall

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  • Published: 9 Feb 2013
  • Updated: 27 Oct 2013
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I'm just a girl, there's nothing wrong, my abusive mother is an alcoholic person, ever since my dad passed away. I hate One Direction, by the way....Now everything is messed up because my stupid mum that needs money, and I have to marry this stupid guy I don't know. All I want is for someone to Catch Me Before I fall oh and my names Dylan LeVale, did I mention?


31. Best Birthday Part 1

                                                                      Dylan's P.O.V

    'Niall' I whispered. 'Please help me. There's always these flashbacks in my mother abuses me and ..' I spoke .
Everything was blurry...
'Wait she abuses you?' He laughed. I nodded,'That's pathetic. Why would you make up all these nonsense. Blaming your mother, you know she always out for you, looking out!' 
   I looked at him frightened. 
'I don't care anymore, your so stupid.' He left out the hotel- smashing the door. He left me, alone. The word alone scared me. I was always alone. Alone and pathetic. I felt hot tears drops falling out. My mom- the figure of her walked in laughing, scaring me. She grabbed my hair, 'I knew you couldn't be trusted.' She pushed me out of the glass window. I fell down crashing onto the steep sidewalk. Bleeding- wet blood thick through my skull. 'N-Nia.' Too hard to say Niall. He looked at me laughing. Is this it? Me dying- without memories. 
  I woke. Panting and crying from my tears- I pulled my brown hair to the side. My knee to my chest- sitting up. I cried. Bauling the thick tears. 
"Dylan? Are you okay?" Niall turned around facing me. "No." I was certain- no I wasn't, I do and don't trust him. 50%! I kept crying.
He looked at my scared, "Tell me. Please Dylan." He hugged me. I shook my head, bauling out the tears. I can't I can't! I looked at him, hugging him back,"It was a nightmare." I shivered. He kissed my forehead,"It's all right...."  
  "No it's not alright! Niall my mother-" That was when I stopped. I looked at him. He looked confused, letting me go."Mother? What is up with you and your mother,love?" 
"Nothing- just that my mother hates me..." I sighed- getting up-taking my clothes; flats, shorts , and a shirt that said,'Love you'
He shook his head, "Never mind- Happy Birthday...." He grabbed his clothes and took a shower, I waited for him- wiping my tears- stupid Dylan why couldn't you tell him! He walked out with his snap back and a red polo shirt with some jeans. I guess he was wearing toms. 
  "Warmed up the tub for ya.Want anything for breakfast?" He looked at me. I smiled weakly, "Um, surprise me." I walked past him- striping down my clothes. I locked the door jumping into the bathroom. 
"Dylan, why are you such an idiot." I sat down in the warm water- he did cared for me. I do love him. Wait- Love him?

                                                                     Niall's P.O.V

    I walked downstairs- smudging the shirt of mine. Happy birthday to you too Dylan.....why did she act weird?
'No it's not alright! Niall my mother-' She wouldn't even explain what is up with her, lying. I couldn't take it anymore- just happy that she's going to tell me something- tonight. I decided to make some happy pancakes. 
   I pulled out flour and eggs. I started to pour it in a bowl and mixed them. When I poured it in the pan it was all cooking good. I smiled it will be the best 19th birthday she will have!
   I grabbed my phone smiling- got a text message; I tried to take my mind off Dylan's business.....
1 missing text > HipThrust_Tommo(: 

HipThrust_Tommo(: - Hey bud! How's it going with day 1? Text me while I can.

I smirked, did he know about Dylan?

Text HipThrust_Tommo(: - Hello Louis. So Um do you know anything about Dylan and me? Well today's her birthday. I need help with something special. Help me? Plus I was talking to....nvm call you. Text me back?

1 message > HipThrust_Tommo(: 

HipThrust_Tommo(: - Yeah okay. And I know! great isn't it (; Be sure to....nvm call me now!

   I dialed his phone number and clicked call. 
"Hey mate!" Louis's voice shouted through the phone. 
"Aye, so how'd you know about Dylan and me?" I stated.
"Your mom." (A/N: Haha Your mom! xD )
   "Oh, so anyways I think Dylan is hiding something between me, Zach , her older brother in Paris said I should help her remember. I don't know what to start! Plus, today's her birthday...shouldn't I just do something special for her. Help me." 
   "Ah, your in luck my friend." He continued,"Well first Dylan is hiding something between you, well you should just wait and ask her, let her trust you first. Also her mom is too....I don't know she tried to get away from Maura so easily." 
"Okay, just help me, mate." 
"Okay, Okay calm your Irish tits! God-"  "Tell him to go make love with Dylan!" I heard Harry's voice shouted- hearing Zayn tackling and laughing, "Oh and tell him to use a con-" 
"SHUT UP!" Louis shouted. 
   "Urgh, hopeless...." I sighed. I looked at the pancake- flipping it. 
"Psh, fine for her birthday just do something special like a reservation to the fanciest restaurant, order special wine and yeah you know. Oh and lad, be sure to bring her out to the Eiffle Tower. Specialist place ever. And when  you want to let her remember- just wait. We'll do all the work helping you for the memories. Just now finish step one." He informed me.
"Thanks Louis, I am grateful to have you- oh she's going downstairs bye!" I hung up before he could answer. I smiled at her as she walked downstairs.   
   "Hey...I made you pancakes." I set the pancakes in the dish and add butter as a nose and poured syrup as the face and hair. I set down the plate for her. "Happy birthday!" I kissed her cheeks. She blushed stubbornly. I set my own plate down, "Yum!" I winked. 
   She smiled,"Thanks Niall." "What I don't get a birthday kiss?" I flirted.
"Yeah" She smiled. I sighed, long shot.....
"But I do have something to tell you...." She looked at me. I ate my pancakes and looked at her, "Hmm?" 
"The thing I hid from you.....can you please listen and don't leave in my dreams?" She whispered looking at my eyes. Her blue orbs shone. 
   She finally looked at me and gave a sigh, "I promise Dylan." She nodded
"Okay ever since my dad passed mom started abusing me. All along I thought she just was blaming at me for is death. But it wasn't all of it......she blamed me for everything how I was born- how I ever lived. Every day she's drunk she cause me pain- That is why I cut myself....but the reason in fact I don't tell people is that they'll think I'll be an attention whore and stuff. Ever since in highschool....I was bullied and yeah. I'm happy that I get to tell you this. I'm abused, I'm those people that hide stuff....and lie. Zach doesn't know anything....and the only one that knows this is you." She sighed. I was speechless.....Was only me...."Niall, I trust you, thank you and I'm happy that your my 'husband' or fiance. I just want you to know that. Please Please help me with these visions I see everyday.....about this kid, he's a boy....and will you please help me?" 
    I looked at her, speechless as hell. I smiled- I know who's the boy...I know but I can't just tell her- she'll just won't believe me. "Yes I will." I kissed her cheeks. She smiled,"Please don't ever speak of this at all." She sighed. I nodded. Thank you......

A/N: Well fuck my dad -_- he doesn't want me to have a computer anymore because I go online upstairs in my room. Urgh I just hate him! Just leave me alone! Thank you guys.....Please comment, fan, and favorite! <3

~J.1D<3 or Jackie


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