Sworn I'd Never Fall

Isabell Cartwrite is now going to college at Cartwrite University, opened by her mother Asia Cartwrite.There she makes friends with everybody, but there is someone special. His name is Niall Horan. He's from the band one direction. She swears to herself that she would never fall for him, but ends up falling for his little things. His eyes,his smile,everything about him makes her freeze up when she is around him.But will her mother let her fall for him after her naughty past with other boys?


22. Tour

Niall's P.O.V

Paul just called me and told me that we were leaving in 1 week to go back on tour. I have to tell Isabell. I just don't know how. We have to go on tour for 4 months. That's how long it is until she is due. I don't want to go. I want to stay with her. I can't take her. She's too pregnant. She has Alex, Tessa, and Britanny. She has her mom too. I have to build the nursery still. I should get to work on that. We have a lot to buy, but I'm the one in One Direction. These are my daughters. I will buy anything they need. I can't wait for them to come. "Isabell, Let's build the nursery." I said. She smiled, "Ok" she replied. We hopped in the car and drove to Baby's R Us. When we got there, we went in. We picked out so many things. We got clothes, a changing station, diapers,wipes, blankets, decorations for the room, toys, food, bottles, safety things, and alot more. Isabell picked out some cute outfits for them. Her mom gave us some money too. We got in the car with the bags and drove home. When we got inside it took me a while to bring everything inside. When I was I finally done, I began to buld the crib. It didn't take that long. I built the changing station too. I put the clothes in the drawers and left some of the decorating for Isabell. She wanted to decorate, so I just built the stuff. I brought the diapers and wipes in the station. I laid everything else on the nursery bed. I went downstaiirs and built the stroller and the high chairs. I bought a picture frame at the store and put the sonogram in there. Isabell put it on the drawer. She decorated everything pink, it looked so pretty. She decorated so nice. We even bought glittery sticker letters and spelt out the girls names on the wall. 'Nella and Stella' I set the stroller and by the door. I have to tell Isabell about tour. "Isabell," I said with a sigh. "Yea," she said. "I have to go on tour in a week." i said. her smile turned into a frown. "For how long?" she asked. "4 months" I replied. "Go," she said. "No, I can't the girls are going to be here when I come back, I want to be there when they are born. " I said. "You will be" She said. "Ok,I'll go, but only for 3 months" I said. "Fine." she replied. We sat there snuggled and watched movies.

Isabell's P.O.V

The nursery is done and everything is built. Niall's going on tour though. For 3 months. He'll be back before the girls come. I still have my mom, Alex, Tessa, and Britanny. They are such a big help. Niall and I are snuggiling up close. I love being on his warm body. He's rubbing my stomach and kissing my neck. Man do I love this guy!


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