Sworn I'd Never Fall

Isabell Cartwrite is now going to college at Cartwrite University, opened by her mother Asia Cartwrite.There she makes friends with everybody, but there is someone special. His name is Niall Horan. He's from the band one direction. She swears to herself that she would never fall for him, but ends up falling for his little things. His eyes,his smile,everything about him makes her freeze up when she is around him.But will her mother let her fall for him after her naughty past with other boys?


34. Today's your birthday

Isabell's P.O.V

This morning I woke up when I heard the boys open the door. I turned my head and a sharp back pain hit me. "Oww" I yelled.

"Babe are you okay?" Niall asked.

"Yeah I'm okay I just have a bit of a back pain, I think I'm gonna go upstairs" I said.

I walked upstairs and looked at the clock.


I got into bed and Niall went to take a shower. Niall came into bed and wrapped his arms around me. He instantly warmed me. I suddenly drifted to sleep in his arms.


I opened my eyes to see that my head was buried in Niall's chest. He was still sleeping. I tried to move out as slow as possible, without waking him up. But, I failed. He fluttered his eyes opened and squinted at the sun.

"Good Morning, Babe" he said in his sexy, raspy morning voice.

"Good Morning" I said kissing him on his nose.

"Babe, Louis, Liam, and I are planning on singing Alex a special wake up song" I said with an evil smirk on my face.

Niall knew exactly what I was talking about he grabbed his guitar and I went and got Liam, who was in the kitchen. I got Louis and we walked into the room where Alex was.

Niall began to sing, "It's time to get up, in the morning"

"In the morning" Louis joined in.

"Got McDonalds breakfast for you" Niall sang.

"Just for you" I sang cutting Liam off.

"We drive two miles just to get it" Niall sang.

"So you better get up and eat it" Louis sang.

"You don't want to be a selfish lazy girl" Louis and Liam sang.

"SO YOU GOTTA GET UP!" We all sang and started jumping on her bed.

"TIME TO GET UP, IT'S TIME TO GET UP!" We yelled at the top of our lungs.

"It's time to get up" Niall sang and strummed the string on the guitar.

"Happy birthday babe" Liam said. Alex groaned and pulled the covers over her head.

"No,no get up, we have a big day ahead of us" I said dragging her out of bed.

She went into the bathroom closed the door and within 10 minutes she came out with her hair combed and her teeth brushed.

"We're going out to breakfast,so where something nice" I said. I went to the girls room and they were still sleeping.

I took out their outfits and made a bottle of formula for when they woke up.

I went in Niall and my room and took out my clothes. I decided to wear a pair of grey floral printed shorts with, a grey tank top, and my denim vest.

I took a quick bath and wet my hair. I put on my clothes and left my hair wet and curly. I put on a necklace and a bracelet. I looked at my engagement ring and smiled. I put on light makeup and a bit of lip gloss.

I packed the baby bag with their formula, their soothers, and their toys. I put diapers and wipes in there too.

I heard them crying and walked to their room. To my surprise Louis was already in there. He was holding Stella.

I picked up Nella. "Louis would you feed her for me please?" I asked. He nodded and went downstairs with Stella and her milk.

I looked down at Nella. She smiled at me. I kissed her nose and started undressing her. I gave her a wipe off and dressed her. I put on her pink juicy coture sweatsuit. I dressed her and brought her downstairs. Louis took her from me and gave me Stella.

I gave Stella a wipe off and dressed her in her blue, Juicy Coture sweatsuit, similar to Nella's. I brought her downstairs and put her in her swing.

Louis was burping Nella. When he was done be put her also in the swing. Niall was sitting on the couch watching them.

I put on my shoes, I decided to wear my grey sneaker wedges. Alex came down the stairs looking beautiful. Then Britanny. Then came Millenia. Then came Miku. After them, came Harry, Louis, Liam, and Zayn. We all looked really nice.

I took the girls out the swing and put them in their car seats. I picked up the car keys and we all walked out the door.

Everyone was driving in seperate cars. It was Niall, the girls, and I;Alex,Liam,Britanny and Louis;Zayn ,Miku, and Harry and Millenia. 

We decided to go to iHop, and then come back to the house and let her open presents.

When we got there Niall attached the girls car seats to the stroller. We all went into iHop and we ordered a table.


"Table for 10 please" Zayn said to the lady.

"Ok, give us about 10 minutes what name should I put it under?" she asked.

"Zayn" he said. She nodded her head told us that we could sit if we liked.

We waited for exactly ten minutes and the lady lead us to our table. We sat down and got comfortable.

"Hi, my name is Alicia and I'll be your waitress for today" our waitress said. She had a familiar voice. "Alicia! Is that you?" I said.

"Isabell!" she said. I got up and gave her a hug.

Everyone looked at me confused.

"This is my old friend Alicia, we went to high school together" I said. "Alicia this is my fiance Niall" I said pointing to him. "And these are my friends" I said pointing to them.

"Today's her birthday" I whispered pointing to Alex.

"Ok,I'll take care of that" she whispered back.


Hey directioners! So, what do you think?

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1.I found you

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Their all by Milliethemermaid.


There is a part 2 to this chapter if you're wondering.

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