Sworn I'd Never Fall

Isabell Cartwrite is now going to college at Cartwrite University, opened by her mother Asia Cartwrite.There she makes friends with everybody, but there is someone special. His name is Niall Horan. He's from the band one direction. She swears to herself that she would never fall for him, but ends up falling for his little things. His eyes,his smile,everything about him makes her freeze up when she is around him.But will her mother let her fall for him after her naughty past with other boys?


6. The night of the dance :D

Niall's P.O.V

I'm at her house right now. Her mom is watching me like a hawk.I guess she doesn't know about Isabell and I.Should I tell her? I don't know. "Isabell! Niall's here!" her mom yelled up the stairs. "Coming Mom!" Isabell yelled back. She came down the steps in a beautiful silver dress, with her hair in a up-do. She looked beautiful. I couldn't wait to show her off to everyone. I loved her so much. She was awesome.Even though we've only been dating for a day.We headed out the door of her flat and went to my favorite restaurant. Nandos. Turns out she loved nandos too. We ate and went to the dance in my car. When we got there, I whispered in her ear "You look beautiful," she blushed and whispered back in my air " You look handsome," I smiled and said thank you and we walked int the doors of the dance. When we walked in the door everyone was staring at us holding hands. Harry, Liam, Louis, and Zayn were there with some girls. Isabell and I danced and talked and laughed. We had the best time. The boys had fun too. Except for Louis, he looked kind of down.He kept staring at Isabell. I wondered why. I hope he wasn't falling for her.Nah Louis wouldn't do something like that.Harry would, but he wasn't this time.

Louis' P.O.V

She looked, so beautiful. I hate that Niall had her and I didn't. This wasn't fair she should be with me, not Niall.Isabell, what a beautiful name. She is the most gorgeus creature, I have ever met.I was going to have her no matter what I had to do.

Isabell's P.O.V

I felt beautiful for the first time. Niall never took his eyes off of me.He was so cut in his little tux. We met all the boys there. They all had girls with them. Despite that Louis had a girl with him he kept staring at me. I  don't know why, but whatever. After this we're going to hang out at Niall's flat. Who knows? I met spend the night.But first I have to text mom.

Mom I'm going to spend the night at Niall's with the boys and other girls.xxIsabell

She replied back and said that it was ok. We headed to his flat and he gave me some clothes to change into. It was a green shirt that was kind of big for me, but fit fine and a pair of boxers.I headed downstairs after changing and all the others were changed too. Liams girlfriend Alex was there. She had on her pajama's. She looked pretty cool. Zayn's date was there her name was Tessa. She was really pretty. Harry's "friend with benefit" was there. Her name is Vanessa she was cool and pretty. Louis' date was there too. Her name was Lisa. She gave me dirty looks because Louis looked at me instead of her.But I didnt care.

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