Sworn I'd Never Fall

Isabell Cartwrite is now going to college at Cartwrite University, opened by her mother Asia Cartwrite.There she makes friends with everybody, but there is someone special. His name is Niall Horan. He's from the band one direction. She swears to herself that she would never fall for him, but ends up falling for his little things. His eyes,his smile,everything about him makes her freeze up when she is around him.But will her mother let her fall for him after her naughty past with other boys?


24. Teardrops

Isabell's P.O.V

My mom died. My dad died too. My parents are dead. My mom's death was my fault.If I remembered to fill my pump we would've of never got into the accident. I'm so thankful that the babies are ok though. I have 4 more months.Niall is really supporting, so are the boys and girls. My mom left everything to me, Niall, and the girls. I have the house, the money,and everything else that was hers. I miss her so much. I went by her house to pick up some stuff and I found a box of pictures. They were marked "My family." I opened the box and my heart stopped. There was a picture of dad, mom, T.J, and I. T.J is my older brother who was killed by a bullet. I began to weep and cry. I missed them all so much even though my dad was a drunk. I still missed him. I have my own family now. Alex,Tessa,Britanny, Niall, Nella, Stella, and the boys. But I want my other family back. I need them. Now that mom is gone, the school is going to be owned by someone else. It will still be Cartwrite University to live off her legacy. Why did this happen to me? My whole family is gone. I don't even know any of my aunts or uncles. I cried a little more and then took the box and left. I got in the car and drove home. When I got home Niall and the rest were there. "Who wants to go baby shopping?" Zayn asked. I smiled. That's the only thing that keeps me happy. The girls. Expecting them. "Yea sure" I said. We all got in the car and drove to all types of baby stores. We got clthes, pumps, wipes, lotion, safety things, pacifiers,headbands, shoes, bootys,anything you could name. This made me really happy. They always knew how to make me happy.

*Authors Note* Sorry for such a short chapter, the next one is going to be way longer and better. Keep reading.

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