Sworn I'd Never Fall

Isabell Cartwrite is now going to college at Cartwrite University, opened by her mother Asia Cartwrite.There she makes friends with everybody, but there is someone special. His name is Niall Horan. He's from the band one direction. She swears to herself that she would never fall for him, but ends up falling for his little things. His eyes,his smile,everything about him makes her freeze up when she is around him.But will her mother let her fall for him after her naughty past with other boys?


32. Being Known

Zayn's P.O.V

I said I loved her. I don't know if it was the alcohol talking, but I kinda liked her. Nothing happened last night. I think so. I guess we just passed in bed next to each other. I have to thank Isabell, but first I have to get over this horrible headache. Miku is beautiful.

Isabell's P.O.V

After we got home last night, Miku, Zayn, and Louis were pretty wasted. Niall and I only had a couple of drinks, so we were fine. Liam and Alex drank a bit, but not a lot. Britanny didn't drink at all. Louis on the other hand, Drank too much. Miku went upstairs with Zayn. Then they passed out. Louis, barfed a bit and then sobered up. They all spent the night. The rest of us went straight to bed, since it was 3:30 in the morning. We were tired, but we had fun. Harry and Millenia came home with us too. They had a lot of fun. (If you know what I mean by 'fun') The girls spent the night by the night by Maura, so Niall and I went straight to sleep after we changed.


The next morning Harry and Millenia were in the kitchen making breakfast. Of course Niall was already downstairs, eating. The others were still sleeping. Harry and Millenia made a huge platter of breakfast.

I put on a bit of clothes, to go pick up the girls. Since outside was warm, I put on a pair of sweats and a tank top that said 'Hipsta Please.' I put my hair in a messy bun and brushed my teeth. I went downstairs, grabbed the car keys and a strip of bacon, and gave Niall a peck on the cheek. 

"Where you going?" Niall asked.

"To pick up the girls" I said. He nodded and then I left.

When I got to the house, I thanked Maura, and then put them in the car. They were asleep. I began to drive home, when I passed my favorite boutique. I remembered that Alex's birthday, was in 2 days and I hadn't gotten her anything. Today was July 8. I parked the car and took out the stroller. I put the girls in there and walked into the boutique. I remember that Alex was longing, for a new handbag. I picked up a handbag, that was black and blue. I got her an iphone case to match and a cute outfit with it.

"Your total will be $230" the cashier told me.

I handed her the money and she said something.

"Your Niall Horan's girlfriend?" she asked me.

"Yea that's me" I said with a smile.


"Yeah, no problem" I said.
I signed the paper and gave her a huge hug.

"By the way, the girls are totes adorb" she said.

"Thank you, enjoy your day" I said walking out the door.

Before I took off I texted Niall and told him that I was on my way home. I drove home and when I got there I put the bag with the gift in the bottom of the stroller. I walked inside and everyone was awake. Louis was watching T.V and as soon as he saw the girls he ran over and played with them. He picked up Nella and Liam picked up Stella. They were awake now, so Louis and Liam were playing with them.  I went upstairs to relax a bit, and that's when I fell asleep. I dreamed about everything that will happen in Niall and my life. We will go through our ups and downs, but we will live happily ever after.

I woke up to Louis and Harry. They had a marker in their hand. It was near my face. Oh No!

"Good Morning Princess" Louis said.

"I must-ache you a question" Harry said. Him and Louis began to crack up.

I got out of bed and ran to the mirror. They drew a mustache on my face!

"HARRY! LOUIS!!" I screamed.

They were still laughing. I ran downstairs and got the garden hose. They came outside and I began to spray them. Then they fell in the pool.

"That teaches you to mess with me" I said with a smerk on my face.

"What's go-" Niall said, but then saw Louis and Harry drenched and saw my face and then busted out laughing.

I looked at Harry and Louis, we all nodded our heads. And then I started spraying Niall, then they picked Niall up and threw him in the pool.

"You wanted to laugh right, Blonde?" I said.

I went upstairs and cleaned my face.

Liam and Alex went out, and so did Zayn and Miku.

Britanny went to her moms house for the night and Millenia was upstairs with the girls.

Niall came upstairs and dried off.

We put the girls to sleep, then everyone went home.

I went to sleep early because I had to go look for a daycare for the girls in the morning with Niall, so that we could continue going to school.

I felt the warmth radiating off of Niall's skin. I laid my head on his chest and fell straight to sleep.


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