Teenage Mind's

Written By: Jack Meakin


2. School Life

Don't You Just hate it when you have to walk to school. The sun could be shining and it could be 18 degrees outside but lets face it none of us can be arsed to walk to school. As if waking up at 7am in the morning isnt enough torture.

When you tell people this they always! refer the phrase ''Thats What Public Transport was Invented for'' But to be honest everytime you get on a bus you either get sat next to the adams family who look like they have just walked off the shameless set or you get sat next to some fat man that stinks of sweat and grease. What are parents for if its not for a free taxi?

When you get to school, the first lesson is just a blur and your still half asleep anyway so there's not much point In that anyway But a true fact for you girls is ''school is the only place in the world where you will have five periods all in the same day'' Yes that's right five. Look at you all Now queing up to enroll. Joke.

What I dont Like is the fact that when you go to school, it goes on and on and on... You think to yourself ''It must be at least one oclock now'' but then when you look at the clock its only half eleven or something and you think ' for fuck sake someone change that clock while shes not looking'.

School Is like a time teaching exercise. All people do all day is keep an eye on the clocks ready for that Big hand sliding over the Big hand and creating three o'clock. That's a great way of putting it. right?

You Walk down the school corridor and you see year sevens walking around and they look like bluddy dolls. They are so tiny you could pick them up. Then you get the Fat Teacher from IT That's walking up the corridor. Then you remember you have her first lesson and your mood suddenly changes.

Its most annoying when its snowing and you want to go out and have fun but then an announcement is made that the school is on ''lockdown'' and students arent allowed outside. What the fuck? What is the point in being in school? Or even better when they have a fire and are closed: Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday But then Open On Friday. They really Do Know How to piss teenagers off dont they! 

Or When You Get Accused of something you haven;t done. Or you get a really Nasty Bitch of a teacher at primary school. When your sat their minding your own business doing your work with a 'Temporary teacher' while the lazy cow sits on her arse drinking coffee and then comes and screams at you for doing your work because she made a mistake thinking you was doing what you shouldn't but doesnt give you chance to tell her that. You just wanna knock her out don't you. Be honest but obvistouley shes a woman so just get your mum to do it instead. Even worse when the headteacher licks her arse and must have a full chapter of a complaints file for her now yet shes still working there. 


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