Teenage Mind's

Written By: Jack Meakin


3. Relationship's and Facebook

In this modern day world Facebook knows your in a relationship before you even Know. That's the funny thing. ''Joanne and Keith are In a relationship with...'' Well its not fucking hard to figure that out is it. Joanne and Keith are both in a relationship at the same time but have not linked anyone to it. Hmm.

Twitter is becoming big in the teenage world aswell now. I think Facebook might becoming the New bebo. An Old,shitty,Unused piece of junk. Apparently Facebook have One Billion Users. Well Actually.... I have about 10 accounts so technically if i deactivate them You dont have a billion users. Isnt it annoying when they block your friend requests aswell for nothing. You add One friend and it blocks your friend requests for seven Days. SERIOUSLY! Wankers!

Everytime you log into twitter don't you find that you have a message saying ''Have Phone sex with me now'' Or ''Come have a fuck right now'' NO THANKS! I believe these are called Trolls but I dont think its a fucking fairytale at all.

1,000 Followers you think YESS! im fucking loaded with followers. Then Lady gaga comes and sucks the tits or art and Shows off her thirty three Million Followers.

Followers are like stalkers, they follow you. they dont know you. they only follow you because they usually like you from your profile picture. I follow Britney spears and lets face it I wouldn't like her to change her profile picture!

Some people take facebook too seriously: for example ''Like for Shag Or pass'' Really? You would actually say whether you would shag someone over a live message that facebook can read and also that People can screenshot and possibly spread around the ''interweb'' as my Grandma Calls it. 

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