Teenage Mind's

Written By: Jack Meakin


1. Introduction

Someday. Three Meaningless words. ''I...Love...You''! Anger and agression takes over. Love and hate. Emotions are like parents, you cant switch them off but you can avoid them. Yes You Know what Im talking about, when you slam that bedroom door shut and think ''Thank Fuck for the peace'' Until the silence is broken by ''Come And Feed the Rabbit'' or something like ''Have You seen My Phone''. Parents are Always Nagging and need to learn that when we are sixteen we are no longer children, We are Adults. Doesn't it really annoy you when you will go out somewhere with your parents and they label you a 'Kid'. Or When your Half Way Through Coronation Street and they start talking about something really stupid such as The gym or the spa. Totally Random.

Peoples in their 30's and 40's think they have got life Hard because they have to go to work 7 days a week 7am until 5:00pm Well teenagers lives are a lot more stressfull and harder than that. Teenagers have to spend most of their social time studying for exams (well some do anyway) Or some just like supping back on Grandpas old cough medicine and playing The Jeremy Kyle Drinking Game where everytime he says ''Put Something On The End Of It'' You have to drink two Shots of Sidekick. Preparing for exams if the most stressfull part of a teenagers life. Walking into the silenced exam hall thinking to yourself if i dont get this fucking c my exam results are gunna spell Failure never mind me being a fucking failure. 

However schools this day dont really help by hiring teachers who don't Know anything and like to instead pretend by talking a load of shit that they think everybody understands. And when you actually do understand it they Undergrade you. 

Imagine Getting a D in your English Exam and only having One mark off. Yeah a load of Crap. The exam board need to chill out a bit. Who gives the fat bloke stinking of sweat behind a desk 'swiveling' on his swivel chair the right to decide whether or not The work was ''good enough''.

Not only exams but if you haven't noticed parents that some of us teenagers have things growing. Thats right HAIR. Thats what you was all thinking when you started to read this sentence right? Hair. We also suffer a lot of hormones which causes us to stress so in future when we storm upstairs saying drop dead. Just chill and remember its the ''Hair''.


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