Teenage Mind's

Written By: Jack Meakin


4. Granny Bashing

Do You not find that every time you go to your grandma's you always get Knocked out. My Grandma is crazy! She Is also deaf but to be honest i think it might just be a case of 'Selective Hearing'. She even watches coronation Street with no sound Just Subtitles. Yeah thats right No sound! shes fucked if they get a subtitle wrong.

You go to your grandmas and she starts telling you about her appointments and what shes been doing at the 'club' with all her old biddy mates and you just think to yourself ''Go home, nice kebab, Facebook'' and Maybe a Large Beverage of Alcohol if she continues to chat about her Indigestion. 

Honestly. When you go to someones house you dont expect the first topic of conversation to be 'I cant Shit Myself' Seriously. Go to the toilet and give it a big push but just be careful because we dont want the piles popping out. I think its mainly because most of it comes out of her mouth. Is that even possible? Must be.

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