I'm never letting go

Jessica had an amazing life, until it was ripped away. There was an accident at school. She got raped. She got saved. The boy who saved her, was the new kid. Niall James Horan. After one date, he left and never returned. Her mother and father died the same day.

A few years later, she get a job. She worked as hair, make-up, and wardrobe. On the first day, all drama. But on her first day, she got reunited with someone she never thought she would ever meet again. Niall.

Will Jessica fall back in love with Niall, or will everything go down hill?


3. The Math Problem and The Text

*Jessica’s P.O.V*

Harry is a tad bit too close. But I really don’t know what to do! I realised all the words he’s ever said. Everything he’s ever done to me. I pushed him away. He slammed against the lockers. I walked away as if nothing happened. I head oh’s and all. After growing up with Harry, the oh’s were easy. Then, I felt someone grab my wrist. I feel like I’m in trouble. I turn around. It was Harry. Again. “I’m not letting you go that easily.” Harry whispered. This kid is CRAZY! But what did he mean by not letting me go easily? I don’t know. 

After that thing with Harry... I’m scared. What will he do? I was so lost in thought that I wasn’t even paying attention in math class. “Miss Blue, I moved the test to tomorrow. Now, why don’t you answer this question on the board?” he said. I get up from my seat and make my way to the front of the class. He hands me the piece of chalk. Everyone had their eyes on me. I better not mess up. I took a look at the board. This question was actually easy... although it took up half the board. “The answer is negative 1,” I said with confidence. “Wrong,” he said while I handed him the piece of chalk. “Now... oh wait a minute,” he said while taking his calculator out. “I’m so sorry Miss Blue. You are correct. Now class...” after that, I stopped paying attention. Only thing bad about this math class was that Harry was in it. I was just writing notes down in my notebook. This time, I was paying attention. I look up and Harry is just staring at me. He winks at me and looks away. Weird much? 

*Harry’s P.O.V.* 

She went up to the board. She put negative 1 as the answer. To be honest I don’t even know this. The teacher checked her answer. She got it right! I swear she needs to tutor me. Maybe I’ll get her to. When she gets back to her seat, I take out my phone. I put her number in. Yes, I got her number. I got people. I hope she still has mine. Jennifer told me she still does. ‘Great job! You showed the teacher;) By the way, I’m coming over to your place for you to tutor me! See you at 4 x –Hazza x’ and I clicked send. I peeked a glimpse at her. Then, I don’t know why, I just... turned around. Not fully. I was just staring at her. She was just beautiful. She looked up. She gave me a dirty look and went back to writing her notes. My plan will be setting sail now. After this, she’ll be mine.


End of Chapter 3! Hope you enjoyed!:Dx

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