I'm never letting go

Jessica had an amazing life, until it was ripped away. There was an accident at school. She got raped. She got saved. The boy who saved her, was the new kid. Niall James Horan. After one date, he left and never returned. Her mother and father died the same day.

A few years later, she get a job. She worked as hair, make-up, and wardrobe. On the first day, all drama. But on her first day, she got reunited with someone she never thought she would ever meet again. Niall.

Will Jessica fall back in love with Niall, or will everything go down hill?


14. The Dream

*Jessica’s P.O.V* 

Last thing I remember was falling asleep in Niall’s car. My dream was actually a nightmare. I had a dream that someone familiar killed my parents. I don’t know who it was. They looked so familiar. Back to my dream, I was walking by this street. Then I hear a loud bang. I turn and see what it was. It was a car crash. My parents... car. I run over and see them both. They’re still breathing! I yell mom and dad. They still can’t hear me. I’m right in front of them. How come they’re not responding to me? I have my stomach on the concrete road holding my hand out. They can’t see or hear me. Am I a ghost? “I love you. If I die, I’m happy your here with me. Hopefully Jessica... Jessica,” my dad said before it sounded like he pasted. “Jessica. Our little baby girl. Oh, how we’ll miss her. My little girl will be out in this world alone. Hopefully she will find a boy, who loves her for her, nothing else. Are you gone yet? Don’t forget to wait for me. Be safe Jessica. All I ask love,” then mom closed her eyes. She’s gone too. Could this be what they really said? Then I see a familiar face. A little girl. No older than about 7. She had brown hair and eyes. She’s just staring at me. I stand up and walk towards her. She runs away, but I follow her. She’s wearing a pink plaid dress. That dress seemed too familiar. She ran up to what looked like her mother and father. The father grabbed her and put her in the air while spinning. The mother was smiling. That... was my mom and dad. I know for a fact that wasn’t me at 7. Why was she wearing my dress? Think, think, think Jessica! I know now. My mom had a miscarriage. It could have been my older sister. But, why was she young? Shouldn’t she be older than me? She looks at me. My parents walk away. She comes up towards me. I knelt down. “Don’t ever choose wrong. You’ll regret it. Choose evil, you’ll be joining me. Live. Don’t regret anything. I promise to keep them safe. Take this,” she said handing me a necklace. It was a locket. I opened. One picture with my parents. The other slot was with me and a stranger with no face. I have this necklace. The only people I have in there is Me, Mom, and dad. There is room for one more picture. The girl runs back. “I’ll be telling you more things. Just don’t tell,” she said giving me a smile and a wave. I feel a tear falling down. I smile and wave back only watching them disappear. I know this is a dream. I open my eyes. I feel arms around me while I’m under a blanket, I’m home. “GET OFF OF HER!” I hear a familiar voice say while the grip releases and I hear something breaking. 

*Niall’s P.O.V*

I drive over to her house. She lives a few doors down. Looks like I could walk the beautiful princess to school or drive her everyday. I pull into her driveway. I get out of the car. I take her bag and sunglasses with the food in first. I opened her door. I walked to her kitchen and set everything down. I went back into my car. I opened the door carefully. I carried her into her bedroom. I set her down and put her blanket over her. I go back down stairs and lock my car and Jessica’s house door. I’m a little tired too. I slip beside her in her bed. I put my arms around her. I fell asleep. I hear someone open the front door. I pretend I’m sleeping. I know, it might be stupid, but I could kick whoever it was in the place where the sun doesn’t shine. I hear Jessica’s bedroom door open. I feel someone hand grab my arm and pull me over. “GET OFF HER,” he said with raging eyes. Jessica woke up with a shocked expression on her face. It was Harry who came in.


End of Chapter 14! Hope you enjoyed!:Dx

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