I'm never letting go

Jessica had an amazing life, until it was ripped away. There was an accident at school. She got raped. She got saved. The boy who saved her, was the new kid. Niall James Horan. After one date, he left and never returned. Her mother and father died the same day.

A few years later, she get a job. She worked as hair, make-up, and wardrobe. On the first day, all drama. But on her first day, she got reunited with someone she never thought she would ever meet again. Niall.

Will Jessica fall back in love with Niall, or will everything go down hill?


7. Saved

*Niall’s P.O.V* 

I don’t even know why I went inside without a plan. She was in a corner crying. What was I going to do? That man was probably armed and what do I have? I freaking pen! The man froze. Someone was probably behind me. I turn. Police. Finally! They soon enough took the man. I went over to Jessica who was rocking back and forth in a corner. I went to pull her in a hug. He nudged away. “It’s okay. I won’t hurt you,” I said her as calmly as I could. She was still nudging away. I think it already happened. I don’t want to even know. “Leave,” she said to me while her voice was cracking up. I couldn’t see her like this. “Jessica, it’s me Niall! Please come with me. We’ll go to a safe place! I promise I won’t hurt you.” I said with all the calmness that was left inside me. I reached my hand out for her to come with me. She was looking at my hand then my face and it kept repeating. She put her hand with mine. You could tell she was shaking hard. There was a bruise forming on her arm and there were nail marks also. Why would a man do something like that? I help her stand and we walk out. The police officer taps on my shoulder. We both turn around. She grabs my arm and hold onto it really tight. She was really scared. I could tell. She was shaking while holding me. “Miss, we need you to come with us,” the officer said. I don’t know why, he took her by the wrist and was starting to walk. “NIALL!” she screamed as she came running to me and giving me a really tight hug. She was really scared. I hug her tightly. To protect her. “Jessica, I’ll come with you, okay? I won’t leave your side. Deal?” I said putting my arm around her. She nodded and was crying into my chest. What was happening?


End of Chapter 7! Sorry for the really short chapter! Hope you enjoyed!:Dx

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