I'm never letting go

Jessica had an amazing life, until it was ripped away. There was an accident at school. She got raped. She got saved. The boy who saved her, was the new kid. Niall James Horan. After one date, he left and never returned. Her mother and father died the same day.

A few years later, she get a job. She worked as hair, make-up, and wardrobe. On the first day, all drama. But on her first day, she got reunited with someone she never thought she would ever meet again. Niall.

Will Jessica fall back in love with Niall, or will everything go down hill?


28. Firing

*Niall’s POV*

“Really? I really doubt that,” the manager said. She turned around to face the other workers and the boys. “Do you guys really believe that? Who believes this?!” the manager said. Right when she turned around, I made Jessica wrap her arms around my waist, I put her head to my chest, stroke her hair, and told her to pretend we were dating. If only it was real. When the rude manager turned around, I was kissing Jessica’s head.

The manager was redder than a tomato! “EVERYONE! Carry on,” she said while walking away. Jessica leaned her head on the wall and let out a big sigh. “Oh...my,” Jessica said with relief. Then he was going to walk out until she realized everyone was staring at her. She took a gulp. I have a feeling I should break the silence. “Alright guys, nothing to see here,” I said pulling the curtain. Before I pulled it shut, I looked at the boys who gave me smiles, kissy faces, and winks.

“Niall! That was BAD! Unprofessional and I could get fi-“ I interrupted her. “Sshh. I wasn’t finished,” and with that, I crashed my lips into hers. She actually was kissing back. She smiled through the kiss. “I love you and always will love you,” I thought. She stopped kissing me. “Y-you...love...me?” she said. OH NO! I said it out loud. Nice going, Blondie. I looked into her eyes.

After, I looked at her cheeks. She was blushing! But, she was uncomfortable. “Here,” I said while putting on my shirt. “I hope that’s better,” I said. She started fixing her hair. She did a little fiddling with mine, and fixed my shirt a bit. “How are we going to get out of here and make it non-awkward?” she said. “Just... walk out?” I said giving the suggestion. I stepped in front of her and held her right hand with my left. I opened the curtain with my right, free hand. We both walked out. I was walking with a smile on my face while she was walking with her head down and blushing.

We started walking towards the boys. “You look cute when you blush,” I said. She held a smirk on her face. “Oohh! Liked it in here, mate?” Zayn said. “Zayn!” I said a little loud. “Stop.” He listened. “I-I’m j-just going to g-go over t-there,” she said stuttering. I kissed her head and she walked away. I turned to face Zayn.

“Don’t do that! She was already nervous to start with!” I said whispering loud. “DON’T YOU EVER DO THAT AGAIN! YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED! YOU ARE SO LUCKY WE ARE PROFESSINALS! I WOULD HAVE FIRED YOU! MAYBE I SHOULD, CONSIDERING IT’S YOUR FIRST DAY!” we heard someone yell. We turned around to see Jessica getting yelled at. I can’t let get yelled at.

Me and the boys started walking towards what was going on. Jessica was just looking down while getting yelled at. “YOU SHOULD KNOW THAT YOU SHOULD NOT GETTING CLOSE TO THEM,” the manager kept yelling. “But ma’am,” we heard Jessica say then, SLAP! Jessica got slapped by the manager. “DONT YOU BACK TALK ME!” the manager yelled. I quickly moved in and yelled to the manager “DONT YOU DARE SPEAK OR TOUCH HER LIKE THAT,” I yelled. The owner came to see what was going on.

I held Jessica tight in my arms. “You okay?” I ask Jessica while the ‘manager’ was getting yelled at. “She nodded her head. I turned my head to see the manager walking out. Did she get fired? Oh well. “Niall,” I heard Jessica say in a whisper only her and I could hear. I turned my head, only having her crashing her lips onto mine.

End of Part 28! Oohh! Stuffs going on! Please give me feedback on this! I want to know what your favourite part was, or what you think might happen in the next part! Part 29 soon! Hope you enjoyed!:Dx




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