I'm never letting go

Jessica had an amazing life, until it was ripped away. There was an accident at school. She got raped. She got saved. The boy who saved her, was the new kid. Niall James Horan. After one date, he left and never returned. Her mother and father died the same day.

A few years later, she get a job. She worked as hair, make-up, and wardrobe. On the first day, all drama. But on her first day, she got reunited with someone she never thought she would ever meet again. Niall.

Will Jessica fall back in love with Niall, or will everything go down hill?


9. Dead?

*Jessica’s P.O.V*

Where did he go? Niall was just out here a second ago. The officer closed the room door. That’s when I saw Niall. “Niall?” I said creeping up to him. He was hugging his legs while his head was down. He looked up. “Jessica,” he said with worry. “You alright now?” he said while putting his arm around my shoulder. He scared me for a second. “Yeah,” I say with a smile. Wait, enough about me and Niall, what about Harry? Wasn’t he in this to? Then I saw paramedics around Harry. I went over to see what was going on. His eyes lit up. He tried pulling me up for a hug. He couldn’t. His body was beaten up pretty bad. “Harry? You okay?” I said looking at the bruise on his eye. “Yeah,” Harry said before the paramedic started cleaning off blood again. Me and Niall were going to our next class. This, we both had together. Then, the principal came towards me. “Jessica? You could go home. You can have a week off school. Just be back Monday morning,” he said handing me a piece of paper. “Niall? Wanna walk home? I heard you moved next door to me,” I said with my best fake smile ever. “Let’s go to our lockers and we’ll leave,” he said putting his arm around my waist. Butterflies for me much? We both go to each other’s lockers. When we would walk by people, everyone was giving me weird looks. Seems like the words goes around pretty fast. We head out the school doors. As we are walking, Niall’s hands connect with mine. We are now holding hands. I look at him. I see his smirk on the side of his face while look away not wanting me to see it. I see how you’re working Mr. Horan. We turn the corner and I see my house. I let go of his hand and unlock my door with a key. I walk in. The safest place for me. Home. We set our stuff down and I went to the kitchen to make a few snacks. I heard something interesting on the radio. ‘2 people have been involved in a car crash,’ the radio man said. “Turn it up for me please,” I ask Niall while getting Niall a glass of water. “Samantha and Robert Blue were pronounced dead at the scene,” the radio man kept going on. I dropped the glass of water which made it spill and spatter everywhere on the kitchen floor. My parents are dead? Really... dead?


End of Chapter 9! Hope you enjoyed!:Dx

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