The story of us

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3. Chapter 3

A few days after our meeting, I was walking back from school. It was almost dark out and I started to get cold. '' Angel! '' I heard someone scream, I turned around. Nobody. '' Angel! '' I din't turn around this time, I just started walking faster. ''Angel!''

I turned around. No one. I turned back around, and he was standing right infront of me. I yelled. He laughed. '' What is your problem? You almost scared me to death! '' I said and he let out a chuckle. '' Youre shaking! Do you want a ride? ''  He asked. I shook my head and added '' Im almost home''  He just looked at me '' C'mon'' He said dragging me to his car. 



'' Did you get in the car grandma? '' Lisa asked me. '' Did he kidnap you'' Tom asked after Lisa. I laughed. '' Listen to the rest kids.'' 




He drove me home. The car ride was silent, but not awkward. We listened to music and just laughed together. Once he reached my house, I thanked him. '' Anytime cutie'' He answered. '' So...can I get your number yet ? '' He added

'' 514 799 8969'' I said fastly. He pulled out a pen and wrote the 514 down on his hand. I repeated in and my number and got out of the car. When I got inside, I already had four text messages. I miss you're laugh, Hi , When do I get to see you again and you're so so cute angel.



Lisa had a big smile on her face. '' Who knew grandpa was so adorable? She said giggling

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