The story of us

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2. Chapter 2

Like everyday, I was taking my morning jog, listening to Beyonce. That day was different, something disturbed my jog. Someone jogging the opposite way, bumped into me, making us both fall. '' Watch it'' I warned him. 

'' I am so sorry, let me buy you a coffee.'' He answered. I hesitated. '' I don't even know your name'' I pointed out.

'' Justin, Justin Bieber'' He said as he was getting up. He pulled out his hand and helped me up. '' Thanks, oh and by the way, i'm Angel.'' I smiled. '' So,Angel, tell me how do you like you're coffee? '' We laughed and started walking towards Starbucks.



- Thats how you met grandpa? Please. I've seen much cuter. 

- Shush Tom. I think that is adorable. Tell me more! 



Once were sitting down with our coffees, we talked, he talked about his parents, his hobbies, his life. I told him about me and my family. We got along so well. I could not see the time fly and its when I looked at the time that I realized that we had been talking for two hours. '' It's getting late, I should go '' I said and then stood up. '' Wait! I never got you're number! He replied. '' Let's keep it that way'' I said, leaving him shocked, I walked out the door.




- Grams! Why would you say that? The poor boy!

- Lisa, calm down! You're annoying.  

'' So what happenned how did you meet again?'' Lisa said ignoring her brother. 

I kissed both there heads '' its getting late, goodnight.''

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