What Have I Done Wrong? (Niall Horan fanfic)

“Good job Shannon-Paige!” -Jamie (Shannon-Paige’s friend)
“Damn Girl.” -Kerry (Shannon-Paige’s cousin)
“Get off your computer no matter how good your story is and do homework!” - Mom (birth-giver)
“Oooo! You put my name in it!” -Kennedy-Marie (Shannon-Paige’s friend)
“It’s cool. Add a kangaroo from Narnia in it.” -Alyssa (Shannon-Paige’s bff in the wholeee widee worlddd)
Kennedy-Marie Rose Benson has been friends with Niall Horan since she was 5. But, with a sudden turn of event he bullies her. Has he changed, or has she changed? Will they ever rekindle their broken friendship? Read, ‘What Have I Done?” to find out!


2. Niall.


“Niall?” I walked up to the blonde in his locker, where he stood standing alone.  “What?” he barked, “Why? Me and you used to be best friends.”  “You don’t remember that!” Niall screamed, turning heads in the hall.  “Yes.  I do remember.  You and I hit each other in the hallway on the first day of kindergarten.  You spilt your juice box on me.  I threw a hissy fit because you ruined my dress.  You said sorry and I forgave you.  We played on the playground that day.  We were best friends... Why?” I timidly looked down, not daring to look up at him.  “I used to be your friend.  But now I’m better, hotter. Leave. Now!” Niall hissed “oh.” I fumbled with the silver, diamond initial ring on my right index finger.  He pushed me down as I fell backwards and Niall stomped away.  “OH MY GOSH! KENNEDY ARE YOU OKAY?” London and Macy (weird names bitchess!) ran up to me pulling me off the ground.  “Yea. Peachy.” I faked a smile, “God! That Niall really irks me!” Macy complained.  “Yea, I don’t know how he was your friend.  Unless you were a kindergartener Regina George.” London agreed, “He used to be nice.” I mumbled.  “Come On! We are gonna be late Rayne pushed us down the corridor.  “Okay, okay! But lets walk at a normal pace.  I don’t wanna bump into Niall and his gang.” I slowed down, “Ignore him.  He’s such a little bitch!” Rayne motivated me to sprint down the hall.  “You should just tell guidance.” London commented, “No! He’ll hurt her!” Macy sparked a glare.  “Not if he’s in trouble.  He’ll stop then.” Rayne shrugged.  “No he won’t.  He’s a rebel!” Willow Usher bumped into London.  “Leave the poor girl alone!” London rubbed my back.  “I am NOT a poor girl.  Now lets talk about something better than being possibly beaten up, by an ex-best friend.” I whined, “Like, leaked pics of The Wanted shirtless?” Macy whipped out printed pics out of her pink leopard messenger bag.  “Oh my god! Guy’s I’m pregnant!” Rayne laughed holding her stomach. “Ha ha ha ha h-” I was cut short.  “Where do you think you’re going ladies?” Niall deviously smirked.  “Hey.” London scowled, “London stop. Plea-” I cupped my cheek as Niall’s friends laughed at the red imprinted on my cheek.  “Ms. Hans! Ms. Hans! Help!” Macy ran down the halls, Niall’s friends whirled Macy around and smashed his hand onto her mouth. “Everything’s okay Ms. Hans!” one yelled.  I was busy looking at the fear in Macy’s eyes, when I received harsh punch to my stomach and a kick to my shin.  I doubled-over on the tile as they walked away.  Macy paced over to us, with short breath.  Thankfully we survived the day, and math extra-help! “OH MY SHIT! ST-STOP! I CAN’T BREATHE! STOP! KENNEDY!” Willow shrieked and Rayne laughed.  I was throwing snowballs at them.  Suddenly the laughter ceased as I threw my last snowball.  It splashed against a black coat.  “Oh my gosh! I’m soo sorry! Here let me wipe it off!” I ran up to the boy wiping snow off his back. ‘This is NOT Niall.  He didn’t go to extra-help.  He didn’t stay after high.’ I reassured the thoughts that whispered, this is Niall’s golden mane.  “Oh.” Willow paused, “My.” London stopped.  “Good.” Macy ceased, “God” they all said in unison. I sat there clueless until he turned around.  My breath was cut short.  “Niall.” I gasped

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