What Have I Done Wrong? (Niall Horan fanfic)

“Good job Shannon-Paige!” -Jamie (Shannon-Paige’s friend)
“Damn Girl.” -Kerry (Shannon-Paige’s cousin)
“Get off your computer no matter how good your story is and do homework!” - Mom (birth-giver)
“Oooo! You put my name in it!” -Kennedy-Marie (Shannon-Paige’s friend)
“It’s cool. Add a kangaroo from Narnia in it.” -Alyssa (Shannon-Paige’s bff in the wholeee widee worlddd)
Kennedy-Marie Rose Benson has been friends with Niall Horan since she was 5. But, with a sudden turn of event he bullies her. Has he changed, or has she changed? Will they ever rekindle their broken friendship? Read, ‘What Have I Done?” to find out!


4. I Always Remember


“Heyyyy u almos redy 4 da d8?” Macy texted, “No.  I hate you.” “lol.  by bby! Wear ur pink blazer black tank and black lace shorts hell luv it!” Macy wrote to me.  “Rayne? Willow? London?” I asked them all them, considering they were doing a 4way call.  “I’m here” “Hey!” “What’s up?” they all spoke.  “Come over to my home. Now.” I heard 3 beeps, and 3 knocks at my door.  “I got the makeup.” “Jewelry!” “Shoes.” they all exclaimed.  “I have it all covered.” smiling I led them to the second floor, “Wear the middle outfit” they all agreed.  I heard hard thumps against the white front door, “He picked you up early! How sweet!” Willow faked a swoon, Rayne made kiss-y noises and London forged a faint.  “God, I hate you.” I scowled, “Kennedy? Are you here?” Niall yelled.  “I’m here!” I pulled the blazer on and went downstairs where Niall sat patiently, “How’d you get here?” I asked.  “You never changed the key hiding spot: under the rug top left corner.” Ni-Ni smiled, “You remembered?” I felt tears make a wall around by eyes.  “I never forget anything Kennedy.  Our memories, our crafts, the stupid videos that we promised would make us famous.” he looked down and smiled to himself, “You don’t remember any of that, do you?” he looked up, “Of corse I do Niall.  I wrote all of it down in my journal, incase something bad happens and I forget it all.” I painted a hurt expression on my face.  ‘Wait Kennedy! You don’t love him!  He’s bullied you!’ I screamed inside my head, “Ready to go?” Niall 


A/N: Sorry it’s short!

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