What Have I Done Wrong? (Niall Horan fanfic)

“Good job Shannon-Paige!” -Jamie (Shannon-Paige’s friend)
“Damn Girl.” -Kerry (Shannon-Paige’s cousin)
“Get off your computer no matter how good your story is and do homework!” - Mom (birth-giver)
“Oooo! You put my name in it!” -Kennedy-Marie (Shannon-Paige’s friend)
“It’s cool. Add a kangaroo from Narnia in it.” -Alyssa (Shannon-Paige’s bff in the wholeee widee worlddd)
Kennedy-Marie Rose Benson has been friends with Niall Horan since she was 5. But, with a sudden turn of event he bullies her. Has he changed, or has she changed? Will they ever rekindle their broken friendship? Read, ‘What Have I Done?” to find out!


5. House Guest(s)

“Niall, do you remember...all of it?” I asked looking over to the old tree we used to look at the clouds under.  “Kennedy-Marie, I remember all of it.  Every single bit of it.  I never forgot.” Niall looked into my eyes, “I remember our baking video, when we interviewed Greg, when we met, when I taught you how to swim...” Niall paused, “I don’t remember why it all stopped though.” Niall pondered.  “I won’t forget it.” I mumbled, then I thought what if this is a sick game? I played with my phone then set an alarm to ring in two minuets, and it rang, “Hello?” I faked a conversation, “Oh no!” I pretended.  “I’ll be right over!”   “Niall I have to go...um...Willow’s mom got in an accident.  Sorry! Maybe another day.” I waved as I ran down the block into my house.  “Wait! I’ll go with you!” Niall chased after me, “Your shouldn’t.  She’s really hurt, I need to be here for Willow.” I held his hands.  “Tell her I say sorry.” Niall rode me home, “Thanks.” I smiled sadly.  “Niall, I’m lying.” I looked down, “Why?” Niall asked.  “I thought.  I thought that.  I thought that you were playing a prank on me.” I looked down, “I can see why.” Niall said.  “I’m sorry, Niall.” I looked into his ocean blue eyes.  “Goodbye.” Niall left me.  “Niall wait!” I ran after his car.  “Wait! Please!” I chased towards his house.  “I’m sorry!” I wailed but his car was but a shadow.  “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry!” I crawled to the sidewalk and lay there until it was dark.  “Kennedy?” London touched my back, “What?” I sobbed, “Are you okay?” she knelt down to my level.  “I lost the thing that meant most to me.” I cried, wiping away a few tears.  “He just left me here.  What if he’s gonna do something while I’m asleep.  I don’t wanna go home, London.  I’m too scared.” I looked up.  I imagine London thinking ‘aww she looks like a sad lost puppy.’ but instead she told me I could stay with her and her family until I feel safe.  “Thanks London.  But, I can’t, it’s rude.  I would never give you that burden.” I began to stand up and walk home.  “No.  You’re not a burden at all.  I’m not letting you go into that house alone.” London spun me around.  “Hello? Mom? Can I stay with Kennedy for the week?  Because,  she won’t sleep at our house for the week.  Because, she doesn’t feel safe.  Because, something bad happened.  No I can’t tell!  It’s a girl thing.  Okay.  Yes.  No.  Bye.” London put her phone away, “I’m sleeping there for the week.  Let’s go home.” London started walking towards my house.  
~Later that night~
I sat straight  when I heard noises down stairs.  “Hello?” I stepped down the wooden stairs.  The rustling continued.  “Hello?” I raised my voice.  Still no answer.  “Hello?  Who’s there?” I looked in the kitchen, then the dining room.  Little did I know there was a figure watching me through the window.

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