What Have I Done Wrong? (Niall Horan fanfic)

“Good job Shannon-Paige!” -Jamie (Shannon-Paige’s friend)
“Damn Girl.” -Kerry (Shannon-Paige’s cousin)
“Get off your computer no matter how good your story is and do homework!” - Mom (birth-giver)
“Oooo! You put my name in it!” -Kennedy-Marie (Shannon-Paige’s friend)
“It’s cool. Add a kangaroo from Narnia in it.” -Alyssa (Shannon-Paige’s bff in the wholeee widee worlddd)
Kennedy-Marie Rose Benson has been friends with Niall Horan since she was 5. But, with a sudden turn of event he bullies her. Has he changed, or has she changed? Will they ever rekindle their broken friendship? Read, ‘What Have I Done?” to find out!


3. Friends?


“Get out of my way.  Troll.”  Niall punched my eye.  “Ouch!” I yelped,  “Move whore!” Niall screamed again.  “Come on Kennedy, lets go.” London stepped closer, “Yea, listen to your ‘friend’ Kendie- I mean bitch...” Niall called me Kendie!  “Seriously, Kennedy.  We can go to my house and have a sleepover” Rayne pulled me away, “Kennedy! Look at what they’ve done you!  Just go.  Or he’ll hurt you more!” I was defeated, “okay...”.  “Guys, we’re going.” I walked over, but the girls were already halfway down the block running to Rayne’s.  “Guys! I think I hear someone outside.” I sat up, Sinister was still on play.  Rayne, Willow, London, and Macy were asleep.   I grabbed a flashlight, and a heavy frying-pan.  I slipped out the backdoor, my fluffy pink slippers making soft noises against the dewy grass.  “H-hello?” I opened the gate leading me to their lawn.  “Kennedy?” an Irish accent whispered, “Who are you?” my voice cracked, “Niall.” he showed himself in the gleam of the flashlight.  “If you wanna hurt me again, just get it over with.” I trembled.  “No.” he said tenderly, I could hear him stepping over to me, so I raised my frying pan in defense.  “I’m sorry.” he breathed in and out, “Whatever.” I walked away and went into Rayne’s den where the girls were looking for me.  “Kendie! Wait!” Niall chased after me, slamming the backdoor.  Thank god Rayne lives with her Aunt Clea, who is put on a business trip.  “Niall! Leave!” Willow barked, “No, he can stay.  I heard him and Kennedy outside.” Macy reasoned.  “Kennedy, I mean Kendie,” he smiled, “I’m sorry.  I’m not like the person who likes hurts you.  It kills me everyday to see you bleed or bruised.  I never wanted to do this to you.  You’re my best friend.”.  “That’s the funny thing; you’re not sorry.  You never were.  You were my best friend, but you decided to end it in 9th grade, you told everyone my deepest darkest secrets, that only you and I knew.  You’re not sorry at all Niall.  You make me bleed, and go home and lie to my parents: ‘No Mom.  I’m fine, a ball hit me in gym today.’, Don’t say you’re sorry.  I know you are not.  You never were, and you never will be.” I cried.  “I am sorry.  I will prove it to you.  The rest of the year I won’t bully you, I won’t have anyone else bully you.  If I can manage that, will you be my Kendie and I be your Ni-Ni?” he offered.  “Yes! She says yes! She’d love to be your friend!” Macy meddled in my life again, I looked over to London and caught her rolling her eyes.  “Fine.” I faked a smile.  “So we cool?” Niall said cockily, “Fine.” I snapped, “Yea Buddy!” he said his phase which almost everyone at school knew.  “She’s free Friday!” Macy offered a date with me and Niall.  “Sure!” his smug look portrayed again.  “See you later.  Friend.”  Niall left.

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