What Have I Done Wrong? (Niall Horan fanfic)

“Good job Shannon-Paige!” -Jamie (Shannon-Paige’s friend)
“Damn Girl.” -Kerry (Shannon-Paige’s cousin)
“Get off your computer no matter how good your story is and do homework!” - Mom (birth-giver)
“Oooo! You put my name in it!” -Kennedy-Marie (Shannon-Paige’s friend)
“It’s cool. Add a kangaroo from Narnia in it.” -Alyssa (Shannon-Paige’s bff in the wholeee widee worlddd)
Kennedy-Marie Rose Benson has been friends with Niall Horan since she was 5. But, with a sudden turn of event he bullies her. Has he changed, or has she changed? Will they ever rekindle their broken friendship? Read, ‘What Have I Done?” to find out!


1. Bullied


I lay on the wooden gymnasium floor, alone and yelping for help.  Why did Niall have to change?  Abruptly, blonde hair appeared hovering over my figure.  “P-plea-please. Don’t hurt me.” I pleaded between sobs holding my face.  He viciously chuckled.  My torso received a harsh kick.  Footsteps slowly fainted and a door slammed.  I struggled to push myself off of the floor.  After many failed attempts I finally succeeded to stand up and trudge to class.  I failed to find an excuse for why I’m late, and got detention once again.  The 10th period bell ring and I walked out of class trying to blend in with the crowd of students.  I spotted Niall and his friend looking at me, I ran down the hallway in hopes of beating them home.  “Where do you think you’re going?” Niall blocked my front door.  “Excuse me.” I looked down, and tried to get past him, Niall pushed me back.  I stumbled backwards and was shoved forward by his other friend.  Niall slapped me across the face and left me standing there.  I unlocked the door to my house and ran upstairs. 

“Ni-Ni!” a younger version of me ran up to juvenile Niall (hehe) with our arms open and embracing each other with a hug.  “Kendie!” Niall screamed.  We ran through the park playing tag and hide n seek.  We were 5 here.



In 7th grade we both agreed to make cake for the school bake-sale.  “Kendie.” Niall called my name, and threw flour at my face.  I threw some flour back and we never made the cake that day.  Instead, we had our own private food-fight.  



“Hey Ni-Ni! It’s Kennedy.  Wanted to know if you wanted to hang today.  Call me back... Bye!” I left a voicemail for Niall, he called me back again, “Hey Kennedy.  Sorry, I can’t hang out with you today, I’m with the boys.” “Oh...Okay.” I said depressed, “Maybe we shouldn’t be friends anymore.  Bye.” Niall hung up on me and left me crushed on that cold January night in 9th grade.

*End Of Flashbacks*


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