A lifetime ago-->

It's been 5 years since Lizzy and harry ended their lovely relationship. Now,don't think they ended it because of problems of them.But their parents didn't like them together and so Lizzy's parents moved so that she wouldn't ever see him again. But now that lizzy's all big,she tends to get back to her prince charming.She still loves him,even though she's gone out with a bunch of guys."i've never felt like this for him"she comments in her head.Will she accomplish her dream?Or is she going to be heart broken for the rest of her life?...............find out here.


3. The night

Harry's P.O.V


"it's about time we get in the pool!!!"louis yells from the balcony.I look up at him and smile."i know" i shout.He grins and goes back inside."hey hazz catch!"i hear zayn say,i have no time to react until the ball hits me.Niall,Zayn,Liam,Danielle,Perrie ,and Eleanor laugh at me.I just smile and try to get zayn back.Once we get all tired from being in the sun and water all day.all of us decide to go in,watch a movie,and order at least 5 or 4 boxes of pizza..(niall>.<).Ugh of course it has to be toy story. Liam could watch another movie but.......he just wants to beg.

"Hey hazz,are you going to invite tay over?"Zayn asks me.I look at him and nod.She's my girlfriend so,i would like to spend time with her.So i quickly grab my iPhone and call her.


"hey tay"

"oh hey harry!,whats up?"

"umm nothing,actually yes something,but i wanted to know if you wanted to come over and watch a movie with us"

"hmm.OK,I will be there in like 15 minutes or so"

"ok,well ill see you"


"love you,bye"

"love you too,bye"

I hang up and smile.I really love taylor,she might be shy but i know she doesn't cheat.(that's what he thinks)

(15 minutes later)

I hear the door bell ring and i assume it's taylor.So i get up and tell security that it's just my girlfriend.Once i open the door,i see a figure with dirty blonde hair and her blue dress.Her eyes are sparkly and the lips are pinky.It's all blurry."harry?!"i blink hard and notice it's just taylor,but she's changed all of a sudden,red bright lips,hair in a ponytail,her yellow scarf and dark brownish redish coat."Harry?"she gets me again.

I flutter and smile."my bad,i was just having a flashback about today"I have got to lie because what i saw was much prettier than no offense but taylor.Taylor furrows her eyebrows and nods."come in"i end up saying.She starts to take her steps."hey umm im kinda hot so,ill be in, in a minute i just want some fresh air"i need it.Tay nods and closes the front door.I sit on the door steps and think to myself.

-what was that?-

Just then i lift my head up to face the streets.All of a sudden i see at the end,a girl walking with balloons,the same girl i saw."what the?"i say silently.Then the girl faces me and smiles.I have no idea what it is so i don't smile back.Then she's taken by some adults which makes her drop her things.I shake my head and close my eyes.

(he doesn't remember lizzy :()..........)

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