A lifetime ago-->

It's been 5 years since Lizzy and harry ended their lovely relationship. Now,don't think they ended it because of problems of them.But their parents didn't like them together and so Lizzy's parents moved so that she wouldn't ever see him again. But now that lizzy's all big,she tends to get back to her prince charming.She still loves him,even though she's gone out with a bunch of guys."i've never felt like this for him"she comments in her head.Will she accomplish her dream?Or is she going to be heart broken for the rest of her life?...............find out here.


1. One lonely girl.

Lizzy's P.O.V


It's been 5 years since me and harry broke the relationship we said we'd never brake.All these memories just make me emotional.The fact that it was perfect!Nothing was wrong.But since my own life ruined it then yeah.Now my lifetime goal is to try to get him back and this time.....to keep him forever.~

-7:30 a.m.-

I wake up with a little ache in my head.I squeeze my eyes and pull my hand up to rub the area."oww"i whisper silently,but not silent enough.I manage to wake up the only person i thought i knew i couldn't wake up.I turn over to see Katie still wrapped in her hello kitty covers,but her eyes are wide open.I grin at her and turn my whole body around."how'd i even wake YOU up?!"i confusingly ask her.

She laughs a little and shrugs her shoulders.I laugh back at her and sit up."well what are we doing today?"i say.She looks at me,the ceiling,and the floor until she finally talks."idk...we can try to look fo-"i cut her off."no!,i can do that on my own."i get angry at her already?I mean i don't like it when people talk about it.

She nods and covers her face.I roll my eyes and get up to go to the bathroom.Several minutes later i come out with my dirty blonde hair dripping water and my body covered by a white towel.My arms are cold and my feet are soo wrinkly."hah!why do your feet always do that after you shower?"Katie asks.I stop walking and look at her with a mad face."idk?"i reply furrowing my eyebrows.


I sit across Katie from the end table where we eat breakfast.We created a meal called the"appetite appetizer". In reality,it's just a bowl of progresso soup and bacon for a side."i love it how we play that we are french chefs"she laughs.I smile at her but then i slowly get a flashback of me and harry.

-"babe im hungry!!we should at least try to cook this time................both of us"i say rubbing my stomach.Harry smiles cheekily and nods.He gets up and walks up to me."well then lets do it"he says.I smile and grab his loose hand."ok" i reply and we both walk together to the kitchen hand in hand-

Im interrupted by a series of snapping."EARTH TO LIZZY!?!?!" i realize katie has been talking all this time.I finally go back to my senses."sorry...i was just remembering something"i say silently and dropping my fork.Katie looks into my eyes and puts a sad expression."of harry right?"she asks me.I slightly nod and put my cheek on my palm.

-I really need you right now-

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