A lifetime ago-->

It's been 5 years since Lizzy and harry ended their lovely relationship. Now,don't think they ended it because of problems of them.But their parents didn't like them together and so Lizzy's parents moved so that she wouldn't ever see him again. But now that lizzy's all big,she tends to get back to her prince charming.She still loves him,even though she's gone out with a bunch of guys."i've never felt like this for him"she comments in her head.Will she accomplish her dream?Or is she going to be heart broken for the rest of her life?...............find out here.


2. Flashbacks

Lizzy's P.O.V


Me and Katie walk down the park sidewalk and i just watch all the couples hug,the kids play,and the dogs fetch.I smile at it but then just as i lift my head up,i see a couple with a curly brown haired boy and blonde girl kissing each other.I stop moving and i stare at them.I start to lose my control and eventually my vision gets blurry.

Katie notices and faces me a few times.I can't take my look off this happy couple.It just makes me remember that me and harry were once in that position.We were once that happy."lizzy?."i could hear katie talking.I feel a tear stream down my cheek.Katie looks at the couple and then turns back to me."lets go"she mumbles.I don't react,im too busy looking at something that was once mine."LIZZY?!"katie starts to yell now.I jump and finally take my look off the couple.

I turn around and see katie waiting anxiously.I sniff and wipe my tears with my shirt."ok,lets go".As we walk,i have all these flashbacks of a young boy kissing,hugging,embracing a young girl.I look down the streets and imagine harry standing there waiting for me.I can't belive i still love him after all that time we had apart.But he probably doesn't even remember me."lizzy? umm i need to tell you something"katie suddenly says.The sentence scares me and i look at her.Luckily there's a bench to the side.

We sit down and katie puts her things down,then she grabs my hand and looks into my eyes."ok,lizzy,i see you cry everyday for harry,it makes me sad,don't think that i love to see you this way,i don't.At all.But if you want to get harry back.You need to find a way to show him that you are back here,in his hometown,and that he can come after you"katie try's to give me advice.I roll my eyes and sigh."katie......thank you for trying to help me,but......i need to do this on my own.I might have some day where i cry a lot but,it's ok,i can do it myself."i try to reassure her.

"ok..........but i can see how much you love this guy"she continues to add the fancy comments.I look at the sky and a warm tear falls."i've never felt like this for him"i comment silently.

-"lizzy?"harry yells from across his room.I quickly wash my hands and wipe them."im coming"i yell back.When i finish wiping my hands,i open the door and run to his room.I get to the room and find harry lying down on the couch."what is it?"i ask him.He smiles and says."no,i just missed you".I roll my eyes and smile.Then i make my way to the couch and lye next to him,there we watch the rest of the movie-

"Lizzy!!!!"I hear screaming.I see that katie has been speaking all that time once again."im here ok"i mumble quietly.She rolls her eyes and stands up.As she does that,i think to myself.-if harry missed me only for two minutes that time?........imagine how much he missed me during all 5 years :(-

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