Confessions of a Secret Keeper

Just the confessions of a girl who keeps everything to herself.


3. Chapter 2.

Dear Diary~

Ok so last time I told you my first confession and told you about my family well this time it'll be a little different. So basically I don't have many friends maybe about five, that's all. I'm definately not a "popular" as they're called. I absolutely hate those girls. Well ok so first you need to know a little about my town to understand this one. Well I live in a small town and in it there's one school Jefferson which goes up to 4th grade, Lincoln which also goes to 4th, Washington which is kindergarden through 8th, then there's the highschool. Well I went to Lincoln and basically everyone was friends, and for a while I was a "popular". Yep that's right I was a "popular". Then 5th grade came and we had to go to washington and I found out I wasn't popular at all. There where more populars and they picked who they liked and I didn't meet the standards.
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