Beginning of earth.


1. Osgalee


Long ago in Osgalee,

No wars, or battles, complete harmony,

Trees shone like a radiant star,

And burned a red fire, when Adar.

The world was a statuesque beauty,

But alluring as it may burn ruby,

Many lived in that divine Zion,

Before the time of the great lion…


The mighty sidhe,

To the tiny bee,

The raging dragon,

To the fairies wagon.

All were wise and lived in accord,

Except for the Goblins an angry horde.

The Goblin leader, Abucks,

Sabotaged the peaceful flux.


Many a creature fought a great battle,

To stop the Goblin’s great and terrible amble,

Smash, crash, bang and thud,

Pain and death, making them wud.

Abucks was destroyed and so was his line,

One survived but fled from the bine,

His name was Earth and he was cunning and young,

Into the dark he flew, away from dire eye and tongue.


There a creature hooded, stood,

Earth stared at the creature with a hood,

“What would you give for your life?”

“Anything to make up for the strife.”

The creature locked Earth up using rope and magic,

“Fix what you did and your life will be spared- though tragic.”

“But how great creature, I am not fae.”

“Do nothing but obey.”


The creature walked away,

Earth waited ‘til colours appeared in array,

He started to fade,

Though un-knowing Earth was not afraid.

When he was no more but ghost,

The creature returned bringing a host,

Earth felt himself sink,

Into the ground, into the brink.



“You are now the surface fix what has been done.”

Earth felt the sorrow that had begun,

He fixed what was wrong,

Churned the ground and re-grew strong.

No one knew where Earth vanished,

Many thought he was banished,

Never anyone asked why the surface was named Earth,

It was taught without knowing, as soon as birth…

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