Never Alone

The First Day of school isnt very easy for 16 year old Natara Brooks. her first year at Manchester High School is pretty ruff but when she joins the manchester mixers she meets new friends and new enemys what will happen when Natara falls in love with one (or maybe TWO!!) of the boys read to find out ;) >3<


5. Tacos and enemys

RING!! RING!! the bell rung me and ruby ran to class"I didn't know we were going to be this late!" i yelled "dont worry *pant Its the first day they wont care" ruby said running out of breath we finally made it as we opened the door everyone was staring at us "Well you to girls why are you late?" Ms.Routh asked "uh we got lost and i bumped into someone and my stuff fell" i lied "take a seat and pay attention" she said. As time passed the lunch bell rung and everone rushed out of the class "I hear there serving tacos today" Louis said cheerfully "C'mon sweetie i dont want to miss out!" louis said "Im comming" another girl said im guessing that was his girlfriend "Hey Natara this is my girlfriend Manda!" louis said "hi natara im manda i hope we see each other later!" they went off into the cafe. 

As i entered the lunch room i saw massive people all together in a line to get some tacos. "The things people do to get some tacos" Zayn said "Im zayn malik" he said with a sweet smile "if you need any help around the school be sure to call me!" "Okay!" i said with a big smile "I'll give some advice dont hang around those girls" he said pointing to a group of girls sitting in a corner near the vending machine. "They basicilly rule the whole school you get them pissed off they'll ruin your life" "and never talk to the leader Haya almousa shes the daughter of the principal". "Thanks" i said "your welcome i gotta go see you later" zayn said leaving and going to his table. Well i know who to stay away from.  

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