Never Alone

The First Day of school isnt very easy for 16 year old Natara Brooks. her first year at Manchester High School is pretty ruff but when she joins the manchester mixers she meets new friends and new enemys what will happen when Natara falls in love with one (or maybe TWO!!) of the boys read to find out ;) >3<


15. Player Boi

"What!?" you say " you heard me i said kiss me.." harry said with a wink "Why the hell would i do that!?" i said "Well because i never met a girl like you Sweet,Beauitiful,Fiesty," "I knew you were a player!" i yelled and got up and went through the door just then harry grab my arm and pulled me back "C'mon babe dont be like that " then harry kissed me passiontly, i never knew i could feel sparks from a forced kiss "Im Done!!" i said as i left the house and ran to my house where i saw my mom cooking my favorite food "Whats wrong sweetie?"  " I Don`t want to talk about it!" i said with tears in my eyes and running up the stairs and saw my phone had a message "To Natara: Hey its Louis! me and Manda were wondering if you wanted to come roller skating with us?"," To Louis : Sure ill be there in a couple of minutes." i needed to get Harry out of my mind, all i could think about was him and how he kissed me, i needed to relax a little.

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