Never Alone

The First Day of school isnt very easy for 16 year old Natara Brooks. her first year at Manchester High School is pretty ruff but when she joins the manchester mixers she meets new friends and new enemys what will happen when Natara falls in love with one (or maybe TWO!!) of the boys read to find out ;) >3<


20. Partying all night

"He said what!?" Ruby said shockingly,"he did,he actually did, see it for yourself!" i said handing her my cell phone with the text message Louis sent me,"OMFG!! you guys will be such a great couple!!holding hands,hugging each other, saying how much you guys love each other, going on dates, hanging out, kissing, and maybe you guys will end up getting married with each other!!" she said excitedly,"SHUT UP RUBY!!" i said sending her a scowling look,"i`m just saying, i mean it could happen." she said with a more calmed voice, then her phone began to ring,"hello?" she sad,"heyyyy!" i heard Ari`s voice in the other side,"oh hey Ari, so whats up?","the sky why?","ha ha very funny Ari," Ruby said with sarcasm,"no really,why did you call for?","oh me and the girls were wondering if you guys want to come and hang out with us at the night club?","yea,of course we will Ari, when are you gonna come pick us up?","urm,maybe about an hour or so.","kay see ya in an hour Ari!","kay bye.", "what the hell are you thinking!?" i screamed at Ruby,"don`t worry,it`s not those type of clubs,it`s just one those full of high schoolers like us, so hurry we need to be ready in an hour." she said,"but i don`t have anything to wear for a club/party.","eeek! Make Over time!!" she said jumping up and down taking me upstairs to her room, she gave me a tight red strapless shirt (tight enough to show my perfect curves, and tight enough for me to breath.) REALLY tight black skinny jeans, some hot-red high-heels (or like i like to call them, a torture device for you feet.) gold hoop earings, gold necklace with a heart shaped figure on it, and some gold bracelets and rings, then she apply my make-up, a black-grey-white smokey-eye, some blush, eye-liner, red lipstick and other stuff i can`t remember, then Ruby got ready, she wore aqua short-shorts ( which is what you`ll really expect Ruby wearing at a party or club.) a neon hot-pink tank-top, a petite/curvy hoodie,  light pink wedges, aqua feather earings, silver bracelets and rings, and  silver necklace with a few aqua feathers on it, and a pink sunset-eye shadow, some blush, eye-liner, medium pink lipstick and other stuff too, then the the door-bell rang, it was the girls!! we went to get it, then left with them.


When we arrived at the place there were teenagers everywhere!! and literally everywhere!!, some were in the front of the building, some were either making out, smoking, throwing up (eww), drunk/wasted, or any of that stuff, and inside was HUGE!! there was a bar,dance floor with BIG speakers, a DJ, and a BIG screen with lyrics of the song on it, LARGE couches and tables, colorful lights everywhere, and it was FULL of teens, some were grinding it in the dance floor, drinking at the bar, making out, sitting and talking with their friends and stuff, but what really caught my eye was Louis, he turned around and I think he noticed me, because his face lit up and he started walking towards me, then I felt something grab my wrist, and pull me through the crowd of people who were dancing, it was too crowded and too dark that I couldn`t notice who it was, not until i heard his voice....Harry!!,"WHAT THE HELL HARRY!?" i shouted at him,"I`m not letting anyone take my girl." he said taking you towards a dark corner that was deserted, "first of all i`m not your girl, and second of all what are you doing to me?!" i said screaming at him with anger and getting lose of his grip,"Boy Louis was right about you, you are fiesty.....i like that in a girl." he said smirking and getting closer than ever, i backed away, until i was trapped against the wall,then he got so close that our chest were against each other, our faces inches apart,"and that girl is you," he said putting his hand on my waist,"and tyou`re mine," a chill went down my spine as he said it,and his hand went on my hip,"and i`m not letting you go," i felt more chills go down my spine,and his hand went towards my bum,"which means i`m not letting anyone take you away from me," he said then his hand went towards my thigh,"especialy Louis." with that he started planting kisses down my neck and his hands exploring all over my body,"H-Harry don`t you dare." i said trying to get out of his grip,"H-Harry st-stop now i mean it." i said still trying to get out of his grip,but it was no use, so he left me no choice, I began to scream for help "SOMEBODY HELP!! ANYONE PLEASE HELP ME,ARI,BRIANNA,RUBY, LOUIS!PLEASE HEL-" i got cut of by Harry`s hand on my mouth,"it`s no use Natara no one can hear you." he said huskily,I suddenly began to cry,"Oi Harry what are you doing to her!?" i heard a familiar voice was Louis!!,"none of your buissiness thats what!" Harry said finally letting go of me,I fell to the ground shaking in horror and fear and tears coming out of my eyes,"just let her be, what has she ever done to you?!" Louis yelled back at him,"what has she done to me? what do you mean 'what has she done to me'? she broke my heart thats what!" he yelled back,"so you decide to,to do that to her just because she broke your heart?! thats what you decide to do?! what has happened to you Harry? can`t you see what your doing?!" Louis defended me,Harry opened her mouth to say something but hen he just pushed his way through the crowd,"are you alright?" Louis asked really concerned,"yep,now that you saved me." I said getting up,"come on lets leave." he said taking me outside to go back home.


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