Never Alone

The First Day of school isnt very easy for 16 year old Natara Brooks. her first year at Manchester High School is pretty ruff but when she joins the manchester mixers she meets new friends and new enemys what will happen when Natara falls in love with one (or maybe TWO!!) of the boys read to find out ;) >3<


18. Oh boy :/

"Natara what are you doing!?" I hear Harry scream "Harry it's not what it looks like" Louis said "I know exactly what it looks like!" Harry said "I'm I not good enough for you Natara!?! I try everyday for you to notice me but your just a little brat like all the girls I had a crush on!" Harry said "Harry don't talk to her that way!" Louis said screaming at Harry, I couldn`t stand them fighting they were all best friends before I came I just ruined it all "Louis! I can say whatever I want to say to her she's just a little selfish Bi***" Harry said just then Louis punched Harry straight in his stomach "Louis Stop!!" I said yelling at him but they still countined to fight, the police officer came and stopped the fight between them they both went to the principals office I knew they were getting suspended..... or even worse, expelled.

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