Never Alone

The First Day of school isnt very easy for 16 year old Natara Brooks. her first year at Manchester High School is pretty ruff but when she joins the manchester mixers she meets new friends and new enemys what will happen when Natara falls in love with one (or maybe TWO!!) of the boys read to find out ;) >3<


10. Auditions part 2

I made it to the theater 5 mintets late they havent started yet so i tried to find a seat as quickly as i could before anyone could notice i was late "Welcome everyone to the auditions remeber we can only choose 2 people for the compition 1 boy and 1 girl let the audtions begain we'll start with.. "Sorry Im Late Guys!!" Harry? harry's in the manchester mixers too? i thought he was a jock. "Anyways as i was saying we'll start with louis tomlinson" "You Go Sweetie!!" Manda says "thanks babe" "Uh hi im louis tomlinson and im going to sing 'look after you' by the fray" Louis Singing was beautiful i loved every single part of the audition. "Thank you louis that was beuitful next up Natara Brooks" "What!!" "Dont worry you'll do great!" louis said i wasent ready for the audition i havent even prepared!! what am i going to sing! what if i mess it up!? shiz it to late now i have to face my fear..

"Uh hi guys im Natara brooks and im going to be'Just the way you are' by bruno mars". i started to sing i closed my eyes the whole time i didn`t want to see all those faces they just made me nervous i finshed the song everyone was clapping for me, i did it, i fianlly got up there and sang in front of people, next time i just have to open my eyes and belive in myself.

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