Never Alone

The First Day of school isnt very easy for 16 year old Natara Brooks. her first year at Manchester High School is pretty ruff but when she joins the manchester mixers she meets new friends and new enemys what will happen when Natara falls in love with one (or maybe TWO!!) of the boys read to find out ;) >3<


9. Auditions part 1

"so are you ready for the auditions today?" louis said while opeing his locker "well um i havent even prepared for the auditons so im guess im just gonna blow it" "Dont be afraid i remember my first time auditioning it was pretty scary but i made it though you'll do great!" "Thanks Louis" i got all my things from my locker and headed to the theater then i saw her "Hey New girl come here!" it was Haya the pricipals daughter "Uh yes?" i ask "we heard you want to become pouplur right?" she said "uh yes" i say "well join us you can be more than pouplur you see its a win win i mean you get to be pouplur and happy and we get another awesome member so what do you say Nat?" "uh um well uh IM LATE FOR CLASS SORRY" i ran to the theater as fast as i could i didn`t want to be stuck with them forcing me to join them i would never join them there nothing but a bunch of fakes.

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