Once Upon a Time

A new story for ABC's show OUAT.


3. Welcome to Storybrooke

Maddy: But why? I don't understand!

Haylie: Why not? We're always moving and i'm sick of New York.

Maddy: You're bored of New York so you want to go to Maine? How does that make sense?

Haylie: Don't you want to go on adventures?

Maddy: Yes... 

Haylie: Well then, let's go!

They stuff their belongings into their rucksacks and leave the old room.


They drive into Storybrooke in a taxi and they are left in the center of town. They stand outside Grannys

Haylie: Let's hope it's not expensive. We can find somewhere later.

They walk in to the diner and sit down at the counter.

Red: Hey guys... Where are you from?

Haylie: Is this a B&B?

Red: ... Yes... Did you want to book a room?

Haylie: Yes please.

Red: Ok then. Let me get the book... She looks at the girls worriedly and walks away

Maddy: Oh Haylie i'm starved can we get pancakes?

Haylie: Sure just this once...

The bell on the door rings and Emma walks in. She is intrigued by the new figures sitting at the bar and decides to walk over to introduce herself.

Emma: Hi there, I'm...

Haylie turns around and the two stare at each other gobsmacked.

Emma: Haylie?

Maddy: Oh weird! She's Haylie too! I'm Maddy!

Silence ensues as Emma and Haylie both face one another, frozen with shock. Eventually Red returns with the book.

Red: You can have room 106. She holds out the key

Haylie: takes the key great thanks, come on Maddy

Maddy: But pancakes!

Haylie: another time

Emma: Haylie...

Haylie: Thanks Miss...

Red: Red!

Haylie smiles and nods, pulling a disgruntled Maddy after her. Red and Emma watch as they walk away. Emma looks like she's going to cry.

Red: Are you ok Emma? Did you know that girl?

Emma: Yes. A very long time ago.


Maddy and Haylie are sitting on a bench in the street opposite the clock tower, watching people pass them by. 

Maddy: Haylie?

Haylie: Yes?

Maddy: Who was that woman in the diner?

Haylie: I have no idea i've never met her before

Maddy: Haylie i'm not stupid. I'm not a child anymore you can stop protecting me.

Haylie: ... No i can't.

Maddy: Why did you bring us here? What's in this town that's so important?

Haylie: I don't know. I just... felt like we needed to get away that's all.

Maddy: And now that woman is here do you need to get away again? You're spending our money by doing this.

Haylie: No. We stay. I don't care about her being here. I need to be here.

Maddy: But why?

Haylie turns her head away and looks down the street again. The camera pans out and we notice that Cora is standing behind them. 

Cora: You came. 

The girls jump up, startled and Haylie immediately throws her arm in front of Maddy.

Maddy: Who are you?

Cora: You know me, don't you Haylie?

Haylie glares at Cora and Cora laughs

Cora: Well, I'm not going to hurt you. I'm here to help you. To help you find your families.

Maddy: Our family? 

Cora: No dear. Families. Her family, and your family. Separate things.

Maddy: What are you talking about? We're sisters? how can we have different families?

Cora: Oh. very different for sisters, don't you think Haylie?

Haylie: Get away from us.

Cora: That's rude. After all, you wouldn't have known about here if it wasn't for me giving you a little push in the right direction.

Haylie: Why do you want me here?

Cora: I just love reunions.

Maddy: Wait. So she's telling the truth? I'm not your sister?

Haylie: You are my sister. You always will be... Just not by blood.

Maddy's eyes fill with tears and she steps back.

Maddy: What? You've been lying to me?

Haylie: No Maddy i haven't. I've always treated you like family, always looked after you! Who cares about blood?

Maddy: I care about honesty.

Maddy runs away and Haylie shouts after her but Maddy disappears behind a group of passerby's.

Cora: Oh dear...

Haylie: You stay away from us.

Cora: But how will you find your brother without me?

Haylie: I'll find a way.

Cora: Well that's true. I suppose you could always ask the Sheriff. 

Haylie glares at Cora as she walks away from her towards where Maddy has run.



Maddy sits alone in the woods on a tree stump that has begun to resemble a thrown. She's crying. Henry comes upon her.

Henry: Hey! That's my stump!

Maddy: Startled Oh! Sorry i didn't know. Goes to get up

Henry: No, That's ok. You can stay. What's up?

Maddy: Oh family drama. You know the way.

Henry: You have no idea... offers her a crisp Want some?

Maddy: Sniffing but smiling Yeah thanks she takes one and they sit, side-by-side eating happily

Henry: So, you're not from around here.

Maddy: Shakes her head

Henry: Storybrooke doesn't get many visitors... Why did you come here?

Maddy: My sister... Well, she's not really my sister. She just told me she was.She brought us here.

Henry: What do mean she's not really your sister?

Maddy: I grew up thinking she was. She told me she was. But, i just found out it's not true... it's all a lie.

Henry: Was she cruel to you?

Maddy: Oh no! Haylie's never done anything to hurt me.

Henry: Well... Then i guess she is your sister. Family isn't just blood you know. Family protects each other.

Maddy and Henry sit for a while looking around as dusk begins to fall.

Henry: I have to go back for my dinner, my grandma get's funny if i'm not back in time. 

Maddy: ok...

Henry: Why dont you come with me? You can stay with us if you want? Until you sort things out with your sister?

Maddy: grins Really?

Henry: Sure!

They walk off together chatting.


In the Charming's house eating dinner, Henry, Emma, Snow, Charming and now Maddy eat together. There is a knock on the door.

Charming: I'll get it.

Haylie stands outside

Haylie: Hi. I'm looking for Maddy?

Charming: Sure, she's in here come in.

He steps aside and Haylie comes into the kitchen-dining area. She spots Emma but pretends not to notice her.

Haylie: Maddy come on let's go home.

Maddy: Ignores her.

Snow: Maddy, your sister...

Maddy: She's not my sister.

Haylie: Maddy stop this. I've always looked out for you. Never left you behind. Her eyes flip to Emma and Emma looks down I've never ever hurt you. Who cares about blood? I'm your sister and i want you to come home.

Maddy: Henry said i could stay here for a while.

Haylie stands awkwardly staring at Maddy who looks down at her dinner. She looks around the room and Charming and Snow looks apologetic but say nothing. Emma looks up.

Emma: Maddy i think you should go with your sister...

Haylie: Thanks but we don't need your opinion.

Henry: Hey! Don't talk to my mom like that.

Haylie starts. She stares at Henry who looks cross.

Haylie: Mom?

Haylie looks at Emma who looks extremely uncomfortable as she nods slowly. Haylie looks around one last time and then at maddy who hasn't looked up from her plate.

Haylie: Fine. Sorry for disrupting your meal.

She walks out of the house and the Charmings sit in silence before Emma jumps up and runs after her.

Emma: Haylie!

Haylie: Go away.

Emma: Haylie wait!

Haylie: Go. Away.

Emma: Haylie PLEASE!

Haylie stops but doesn't turn around.

Emma: I know what you must think of me. I know that you must hate me. But i want you to know, there has never been a day that i haven't thought about you. That i haven't wanted to come and get you but...

Haylie: Then why didn't you? She turns around Miss "I could never look after a child" Well it looks like you can now. How old were you? 19?

Emma: 18.

Haylie: 18. And you couldn't think of anyone else except yourself.

Emma: Haylie i was so young i couldn't do it... I was all over the place... I...

Haylie: I'm 18! I'm doing it! Every day i'm doing it! Maddy is my life. I busted her out of that hell as soon as i left. I sacrificed my chance to be a "new person" and i looked after her. You abandoned me because you were scared. Well imagine how scared i am now when i see the one thing that matters to me most being turned against me.

Emma: Haylie...

Haylie: Go back to your dinner. To your son.

Haylie walks away leaving Emma standing in the street, tears roll slowly down Emma's cheeks and pour down Haylies.


Haylie walks straight past the diner and down to Regina's house. She rings on the doorbell.

Regina: Yes? Can i help you?

Haylie: Taken aback by Regina answering. I'm looking for Cora?

Regina: Steps aside revealing Cora standing behind her

Haylie: Walks inside I want a family.

Cora puts her arm around Haylie's shoulder and guides her inside as Regina, with a half smile, shuts the front door. Pan out and Emma is sitting on the bonnet of a car across the road watching.





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