Once Upon a Time

A new story for ABC's show OUAT.


7. The Woods

A child of about 4 years old stands alone watching with a distant sound of unrest around her. She looks tiny in her landscape but surprisingly unperturbed by her isolation.


Her eyes flick up suddenly, something has caught her attention. A woman runs towards her, in her arms lies a tiny baby. The mystery woman approaches her looking wild with fear. 

Woman: You take this baby ok? You have to hide with her. Fit into that tree hole and wait for me. Don't move and i'll get you ok? We'll find your parents. 

Kissing the baby she whispers; 

Woman: I love you Melody.

 The child watches as the woman disappears. Looking down at the child in her arms, she is almost the same size as it. She settles in to a small hole in the base of a tree. Night falls and the woman doesn't come back and the baby is beginning to cry.

Isabella: Shh. Don't cry i'm hungry too i'll find something for us.

Isabella walks carefully carrying the baby with her. Baby Melody is soothed by the walking and stops crying. Eventually Isabella walks upon two figures. A young boy and an old man. 

*Scene with Bae and Rumple*

Isabella watches as Rumple scratches for the closed portal. She is amazed by what she has seen. She waits in hiding as the baby gurgles and she tries to quiet her. She can sense the danger of Rumple finding her there. Eventually He walks away, leaving her alone there. Cautiously she steps out and looks where the portal was if she found the bean, she would find food for her and the baby. She finds the bean case, burnt out and withered she gives a bit to the baby to eat and eats a bit herself. She know babies need milk. She picks up Melody and is about to search for some when the Blue Fairy flies down.

Blue Fairy: Don't be afraid! You look lost are you ok? Who's this?

She floats down and hovers above Isabella's head and looks at the baby. Isabella attempts to block the fairy from seeing her. 

Blue Fairy: Oh, it's ok i'm here to help!I don't have milk but i have water, magic water that helps heal you! Do you want some? 

Isabella nods and the blue fairy produces a small vile of water form Lake Nostos from the air and give it to her. Isabella immediately gives it to the baby and the Blue Fairy has to remind her to give it to herself as well.

Suddenly Isabella and the baby start to glow, they shine so brightly that the fairy backs away and we see one last shot of Isabella's frightened face when everything goes black.

*As a side note- Because of the state of the bean when eaten, the portal didn't exactly work. The two were stuck in limbo for 10 years before arriving to the other side at the same age. This way Emma is 14 when she first meets Isabella and Melody and the two haven't aged a day*



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