Once Upon a Time

A new story for ABC's show OUAT.


5. The Puzzle

In the hospital. Maddy is asleep and Haylie is sleeping uncomfortably in an armchair in her room.Regina comes in.

Regina: Haylie, Come on, come home and get some sleep.

Haylie: No i'd better stay just in case she wakes up.

Regina: Maddy is ok. Wouldn't she prefer if you could keep your eyes open tomorrow?

Haylie: I guess.

Haylie reluctantly gets up. They leave and the room is empty. Eventually a figure appears at the door. It's Belle. Maddy stirs and is startled by Belle's presence. 

Belle: Oh! It's ok! I'm staying here in the hospital too. I just came to see who all the fuss was about.

Maddy: Relaxes slightly. You can come in if you'd like.

Belle: Thanks she walks slowly over and sits in the armchair.

Maddy: So what happened to you to get you in here?

Belle: I think i have memory loss.

Maddy: Well if you can't remember i think that's your first clue.

They giggle

Belle: I remember who i am it's just, people keep telling me that it's a made-up life. That i've forgotten my real one.

Maddy: What kind of life have you forgotten?

Belle: Well, my name is Belle, I'm from a kingdom somewhere and i'm in love with a man called Mr.Gold.

Maddy: Sounds like a fairy tale.

Belle: Yeah I guess it does.

Maddy: My sister Haylie used to tell me stories of a place with Princes and Princesses. She used to have dreams about it. About a woods and a family of wolves. A woman with a baby...

Belle: Does she think it's true?

Maddy: I think she wants it to be. We had families there. If it's true, we could still have families here. 

They look at each other for a moment and a sense of dawning is apparent. We are just expecting them both to remember one another when they look away.

Belle: Yeah, That would be nice...




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