Once Upon a Time

A new story for ABC's show OUAT.


2. The City

Close up of 17 year old Haylie's face. She looks curious. Watching people as they pas by her. Camera zooms out and we see Maddy sitting behind her eating a bag of sesame seeds.

Maddy: You want some? Holds out bag to Haylie

Haylie: No thanks. You see the woman in the cream coat? Black handbag?

Maddy: Yup.

Haylie: Let's go.

The two hop up and walk briskly towards the said woman, Maddy sidesteps crashing into her and knocking her bag out of her hand. She falls to the floor with a yell. The woman looks flustered by everything.

Haylie: Oh my God i'm so sorry! That was my fault i was messing around with her. Are you alright?

Maddy: No. Oww!

Woman: Well you should watch where you're going.

Haylie: Sorry. But i think she's really hurt.

Maddy: My ankle is twisted.

Woman: Well i'm late for a meeting.

Haylie: Should i straighten her ankle?

Woman: How should I know i'm not a doctor?

Haylie: Sorry... We should straighten it out. Goes to move the ankle but Maddy yells out in pain Sorry! My hand's are shaking! Can you do it? looks at the woman

Woman: Oh for God's sake. Move over. Sets her handbag down and begins to move the ankle

Haylie picks up the bag and swings over the shoulder away from the woman

Haylie: Thanks so much! Reaches out her hand and Maddy gets up

Woman: You're ok?

Maddy: Perfect thanks so much! Bye!

It takes a moment for the woman to reach for her bag again and she realises that it's gone. She looks up, panicked and sees the two girls running away laughing wildly. She yells but they've gone.

Haylie: Ok i think we're far enough now! They giggle, trying to catch their breath

Maddy: Let's see what we got.

They empty the bag and find inside the womans purse, it is stuffed with cash, the woman was clearly very well off. The girl's faces light up

Haylie: This will set us up for weeks!

Maddy: Haylie, look. She pulls out a brown envelope. On it is written Ms.Moynehen Pension inside there is at least 300 dollars.

Haylie: Maddy, We're going to be ok! 

The girls stuff the money back into the bag they dump the mobile phone and credit cards. They run up a rickety stairway and into a small apartment, damp and cold they sit down on the single unmade bed and count what they "earned" 

Haylie: You want new clothes?

Maddy: YES! 

Haylie: Come on let's go.


Maddy and Haylie are coming home with new clothes in their hands, they are grinning wildly and looking over what they got when Maddy stops and looks up.

Maddy: Haylie, Did you ever have any friends in the home? When i was still a baby I mean?


Haylie is 8 years old again and in the children's home. She is watching tv in the lounge while doing her homework on her knee. Maddy sits beside her colouring.

Child: Haylie, Emma's here.

Haylie: Jumps up and runs up the corridore to where Emma is. She runs into her arms in a huge embrace and Emma squeezes her tight. What's happened since i last saw you Ems? Any new adventures?

Emma: Sets Haylie down I've got loads of news kid. And a big plan to get you out of here! 

Haylie: And Maddy?

Emma: And Maddy.

Haylie: But i thought you wanted to leave Maddy here?

Emma: I will never leave you here. Ever. And if Maddy coming means you'll come, we can look after Maddy. 

Haylie: You promise you'll never leave me?

Emma: Course kid! I told you... we have a plan.

Haylie: We?

Neal walks in behind Emma and Haylie retracts, wary of him. He smiles awkwardly.

Neal: Don't worry Haylie i'm Emma's friend. I wont hurt you.

Emma: Neal is going to help you escape! Help all of us escape!

Just then a social worker walks in.

Social Worker#1: Miss.Swan? A word.

Emma winks at Haylie and get's up.

Emma: Back in a minute.

Emma and Neal walk out. The social worker stays put.

Social Worker#1: Haylie Stay here. Someone needs to talk to you.

Haylie: About what?

A second social worker walks into the room, she nods at the first and she sits down opposite Haylie. The first Social Worker leaves.

Social Worker#2: So Haylie, you and Emma, You're pretty close right?

Haylie: Yes.

S.W#2: Right. Well you see. Emma is gone now. She's not a child anymore so she is out of our care. You understand?

Haylie: Yes.

SW#2: I know she says she want's to have you come and live with her. But she can't. Emma is too young. You're too young. It's not allowed. 

Haylie: You don't know anything.

SW#2: Yes i do. Now Emma has to have her own life. She doesn't want you with her. 

Haylie: Yes she does.

SW#2: No. She doesn't. Not really. 


Haylie pushes past her and runs out into the corridore. Two men are out there and they grab her as she tries to run towards the office door. Haylie Screams for Emma and tries to grasp at the door but the men have her firmly and they carry her away. As she is being pulled, through the tears, Emma comes out of the office and looks at Haylie before turning away and walking out the door.


Haylie: Nope. You know me, don't trust anyone unless they're family.

Maddy: Haylie I think you need to trust more. You don't even have a reason to be so closed!

Haylie: Is being abandoned not reason enough?

Maddy: I guess...

Haylie: Let's not talk about this. That life is over. Come on, Go to bed.

The two girls are alseep in the single bed. Haylie is sweating uncomfortably and groaning. She's having a Nightmare

Clips of Bae and Rumple, Of her with Maddy as a baby, Her with her parents, her mother telling her to run, to find her brother. A voice repeats over and over, "Storybrooke.... Storybrooke... Storybrooke.... Storybrooke" Cora's face shines through like a spirit and laughs hysterically.

Haylie wakes with a start. Panting and shaking she gets out of the bed and goes to wash her face. She looks at herself in the mirror.

Under the bed she quietly pulls out a map and looks closely. She finds Storybrooke in Maine and puts her finger on it. She then looks at all the money they have. They have more than enough to buy two plane tickets. Looking at Maddy, she gets back into bed. It's decided. Storybrooke it is.








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