Once Upon a Time

A new story for ABC's show OUAT.


6. Isabella?

In the hospital the next day, Haylie and Regina laugh with Maddy who is looking a lot better already. Haylie sits with her back to the door at the end of Maddys bed.

Haylie: Maddy what's with the funny accent? Did you pick that up from the car or what?

Maddy: I don't know! I was talking to a girl in here yesterday and she had this accent and i just picked it up, like it was natural! 

Cora walks in.

Regina: Mother what are you doing in here?

Haylie turns as Regina stands up, Cora moves aside to reveal Graham.

Graham: Isabella?

Haylie looks pale as she freezes on the bed. Maddy looks confused.

Maddy: ...Her name is Haylie... Do you have the wrong room?

Haylie: No. He doesn't.

Maddy: I don't ...

Cora: Those stories Haylie told you when you were small. Of the little girl in the woods. Of the baby and the woman and the bean.... It's all true. This is Isabella's brother. 

Maddy: So the magic... It's real?

Haylie nods at Maddy without looking at Graham. She then slowly turns around as Emma walks in behind Graham.

Emma: Hey... What's going on? .... Cora.

Cora: I'm just reuniting family dear. No crime there.

Emma: Family? She looks at Haylie who is standing opposite Graham, both in silence Haylie and Graham?

Regina: Isabella and the Huntsman.

Emma watches as Isabella steps cautiously towards Graham who holds out his hand to her. They embrace. Graham laughs through tears.

Graham: I don't understand why you're so young?

Cora: The bean that Isabella ate was burnt out and had been eaten, nearly destroyed, when the waters brought it back the magic was broken too. They were stuck in a limbo for a decade.

Emma walks out of the room without anyone noticing.

Maddy: to Cora How do you know all this?

Cora: All of what?

Maddy: Don't get me wrong, it's nice of you to go around bringing lost siblings together but why do it? You weren't there the night. Why do all this research to unite them? What's in it for you?

Mr.Gold appears at the door.

Mr.Gold: The second prophesy.

Regina: Gold...

Mr.Gold: We haven't been introduced, I'm Mr.Gold. Some call me...

Haylie: Rumplestiltskin.

Mr.Gold: Yes.

Maddy: What second prophesy?

Mr.Gold: "When the wolf children find what was lost, all can return." You want to go home Regina. So does Cora. Back to power.

Cora: Why hasn't it worked?

Mr.Gold: Laughs Why. I thought you had it all figured out?

Regina: Just tell us what happened.

Mr.Gold: Isabella, has a sister. Sitting behind you.

Everyone looks at Maddy.

Regina: But that's ridiculous. They're not really sisters that was just the lives they made after the portal.

Mr.Gold: Ah but family is family. Maddy here hasn't found her sister and father and therefore, Isabella is still missing something.

Regina: Fine, get Mo French and his daughter in here.

Mr.Gold: Ah, but Belle doesn't remember. So we're back to square one. Making Belle believe. Good night everyone.

Maddy: Wait! Gold pauses at the door What's my real name?

Gold looks to Haylie.

Haylie: Melody.

Mr.Gold leaves and so does Cora. Graham sits with Haylie by Maddy's bed and Regina stands.

Regina: Haylie.... Isabella. I'm going home, you call me when you want me to collect you.

Haylie: Thanks.

Regina leaves

Maddy: You're still going to live with them? Even though this whole thing was a plot to get them back to power? Even though they've been lying to you?

Haylie: Everybody lies. It's a fact of life. It would be very unlikely that they were just doing this out of the good of their hearts. I knew that. I think Regina misses her son and i'm filling that space for her temporarily. I can't take that away from her.

Maddy: Nods. pauses and smiles to herself. Melody... I like that.



Emma is at home when Snow comes in. 

Snow: How did it go? How are they?

Emma: Ok.

Snow: Ok? Is everything alright? Did you guys fight again?

Emma: No, no it's all great, like we've never been apart.

Snow: Well then why are you so sad?

Emma: It's just. Haylie is from our land. 

Snow: From home?

Emma: Yes. She was a part of there before i was. She ate an old, burnt out magic bean and then drank some of those waters from the Lake Nostos and...

Snow: Came here.

Emma: Yes but because of the bean she was in limbo for ten years.

Snow: Wow.

Emma: Cora and Regina reunited her with Graham. Her brother.

Snow: The huntsman?

Emma: Yes.

Snow: That was awfully nice of them... 

Emma: The thing is. Haylie was mine. She was the thing that kept me sane all those years in the system. When she came here, part of me thought i would have that again. This was the world telling me i was ok. I had Henry, I had you and now the final piece of the puzzle, her. Now she's got her own family here. I know it sounds crazy and selfish but i don't want to share her. It's hard enough that she's living with Regina...

Snow: Emma... Haylie is an adult. If it's true about the limbo she's nearly the same age as you. You can't keep her. She's a person. 

Emma: You're right. Have you seen Henry?

Snow: He's gone with Charming to see Maddy.I think he has a crush

Emma: groans and puts her head on the table Why is everyone slipping away from me!!

Snow: Laughs It's one of the perks of getting older.












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