Once Upon a Time

A new story for ABC's show OUAT.


4. Henry's Secret

In the Charming residence Henry is eating his breakfast and Snow is reading the newspaper. Maddy comes in.

Snow: Maddy! Good morning, i have some breakfast here for you

Maddy: Thank you

Maddy sits on the stool next to Henry and smiles at him Henry smiles back forgetting about his food

Snow: Keep eating Henry you don't want to be late for school.

Henry: Do i have to go? Shouldn't i be looking after the guest? 

Snow: No. School is first, Maddy can go to the station with Emma would you like that Maddy?

Maddy: Yes. Thank you!

Snow: Aren't you missing school at the moment?

Maddy: Oh, well i don't go to school.

Snow: You don't?

Maddy: No... I stopped about 8 months ago

Snow: Why's that?

Maddy: Looks awkward

Henry: You could come to my school! Couldn't she?

Snow: Well, I could talk to the principal... What do you think Maddy?

Maddy: It's been a while...

Henry: I would help you!

Maddy: Well, ok!

Snow: Ok i'll see what i can do but today you'll have to go to the station ok?

Maddy nods and they carry on eating their breakfast as Emma walks in

Emma: Ok guys let's go. 

Henry and Maddy get their stuff and put on their coats, Snow takes Emma aside.

Snow: Don't go looking for her Emma. She'll come to you.

Emma looks unconvinced and walks away.


Henry is dropped off at the bus and Emma and Maddy carry on to the station. They walk in and Emma starts to rummage in the drawers of the desk. She's muttering under her breath. She obviously isn't keen on the idea of having Maddy around with her all day.


Maddy watches quietly.


Maddy: You know i remember you.

Emma stops but doesn't turn around.

Maddy: I was only 4 i know but... I remember after you left. I remember Haylie. She didn't talk for weeks. She just stared out the window. She didn't even cry it was just like, she was empty.

Emma's eyes fill with tears as she listens but she doesn't speak

Maddy: Eventually she came out of it but she didn't make friends, she cut everyone off except me and she's never trusted again. I'm not blaming you Emma. I know you were young. I just want you to know why Haylie isn't coming around. She doesn't hate you, she just doesn't trust.

Emma: Why wont you forgive her?

Maddy is taken aback and looks uncomfortably down.

Emma: If you're the only person that she trusts. Imagine how she's feeling now.


At the Mills home, Haylie is sitting at the kitchen counter with Regina.

Haylie: I want to thank you. For all of this! Your apple pie is amazing!

Regina: It's my pleasure, i'm glad you like it.

Haylie: The room i slept in... Do you have a son?

Regina pauses

Regina: Yes. You met him. 

Haylie: I did?

Regina: Henry.

Haylie: Wait... Henry? Isn't he...

Regina: Emma put him up for adoption. It's a long story best not to go into it.

Haylie: Ok. She looks understanding and Regina is grateful that she hasn't pushed the matter

Cora enters

Cora: Haylie. Did you sleep well?

Haylie: Yes thank you.

Cora: Great. I'm assuming you still want the same thing you wanted last night?

Haylie pauses, getting her thoughts together before looking up, determined. 

Haylie: Yes.

Cora: Excellent.

Cora smiles and Haylie looks worried.

Henry is collected by David who is waiting for him at the gate of school.

David: Hey

Henry: Hey! Why are you here? Aren't you meant to be at the station?

David: I was wondering if you wanted to miss this afternoon and come home to stay with Maddy? We wont tell Snow.

Henry: Yeah great! Let me get my things!

Jump forward and the two are walking down the street

David: So Henry... You like Maddy huh?

Henry: Yeah she's nice.

David: And cute...

Henry: I think she's a little young for you David...

David: Laughs Yeah i think so! I meant do you think she's cute?

Henry: I dunno. Yeah maybe.

David: Why dont you take her out for lunch?

Henry: Like on a date?

David: Well Emma and I are busy so you two would have to go anyway...

Henry: Ok. She's never eaten at Granny's.

It starts to rain and thunder is heard. A storm is on the way.

David: We better get some shelter!

They run to the car and jump in, laughing.

When they arrive at the station Maddy is sitting, filing some old papers alone.

Henry: Hi!

Maddy: Hi! You're finished school already?

Henry: David picked me up early.

David: Hi Maddy, where's Emma?

Maddy: Not sure, she went to the bathroom but that was a while ago.

David nods and leaves the room.

Henry: So... you want to grab lunch? At Granny's?

Maddy: Sure! Help me clear this away first.

Henry grins and helps her.

David walks down the hall to find Emma staring out at the rain.

David: Emma?

Emma: snaps out of the trance Yeah?

David: You ok? 

Emma: Perfect why?

David: You still ok with going out to check on Anton and the beans?

Emma: Sure.... She becomes distracted by something outside. Haylie is walking down the road in the rain, drenched. Be right back...

Shot of Haylie walking, dripping and shivering in the rain, Emma pulls up in her car and rolls down the window.

Emma: Haylie! Get in the car i'll drive you.

Haylie: No thanks i'm fine.

Emma: You're soaking!

Haylie: I'm fine.

Emma: Haylie for God's sake you'll get hypothermia. Now get in the car and i'll drive you where you want to go.

Haylie pauses and accepts that she is freezing cold and hops in. She deliberately turns away from Emma and looks out the window. Emma looks nervous but determined.

Emma: Now... We need to talk.

Haylie: You can't force me to listen to you by locking me in your car.

Emma: Actually, yes i can. Haylie you have to understand that none of this is my fault.

Haylie: Shouts There you go again! Always making excuses. Poor Emma. The constant victim. 

Emma: Frustrated I've never said I was the Victim I just said that...

Haylie: Shouting You know what you've never said? Sorry. Not once. Never have you apologized for leaving me there when you knew what it was like. You knew that you were my family.

Emma: Shouting They told me you didn't want to see me. What was i supposed to do? They said you were crying in your sleep for me to leave you alone!

Haylie: laughing And you believed that? Wow. Aren't you smart.

Emma is fuming, glaring at Haylie and Haylie is glaring back when she looks up and shouts out. Maddy and Henry have stepped out in front of them on the road. Emma swerves but it's too late. Maddy is hit and flies up onto the bonnet of the car and on to the road. The car screeches to a halt and Haylie and Emma both jump out.

Haylie: Oh my God, Oh my God, Maddy!!

Haylie bends down to Maddy and touches her face, shaking her lightly. Emma is beside her doing the same, calling out to her. A crowd is forming around them.

Haylie: Maddy don't do this to me. Don't leave me, I can't do this alone. Wake up Madd come on, wake up!

Paramedics arrive and Maddy is lifted on to a stretcher. Haylie goes to follow them but she is held back. She tries to tell them that she is her sister but they keep pushing her backwards. She becomes panicked and tries to climb over them, yelling out as they close the ambulance doors. They drive away. Haylie turns into Emma and weeps into her chest and Emma can do nothing but stand, stunned, rubbing Hyalie's hair. Henry comes and joins the hug.


In the hospital, Haylie is slightly dryer indicating some time has passed.She is in the waiting room of the hospital with a blanket wrapped around her. Emma comes over with a mug of tea.

Emma: It will warm you up

Haylie: Thanks

Emma: I'm so sorry Haylie. This is all my fault.

Haylie: No. If i hadn't been so stubborn you wouldn't have been distracted and none of this would have happened.

Emma: You have the right to be angry at me Haylie...

Haylie: I'm not angry. Haylie lowers her cup and looks into Emma's eyes openly. I'm hurt.

Emma nods and they both sit in silence. 











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