Once Upon a Time

A new story for ABC's show OUAT.


1. The Foster System

A woman walks in holding Isabella's hand. 14 year old Emma sits at the table with the other kids in the home. 

Social Worker: We have a new addition. This little thing turned up in a cop station with a baby who we think might be her sister. She doesn't talk so we don't know her name. We've called her Haylie for now. Ok. Sit down there.

Isabella is moved and she takes the seat opposite Emma who gives her a smile.

Emma: Hey kid. 

Isabella doesn't reply but looks at her piercingly, scanning her and almost seeing inside of her. She has a maturity way beyond her years. 

Emma: So you don't talk eh?... Me either... you're lucky to be even spoken to now... Here, you can have my bacon.

The other kids look outraged.

Kid#1: Hey! Why does she get the bacon!

Emma: Because I like her. Come on Haylie. You don't have a second name yet do you? Well I don't have a family, I was found like you. So how about we be family? You can be Haylie Swan. 

Haylie thinks about it and looks up, saying;

Haylie: Can the baby be in the family too? 

Emma: The baby you were found with? Sure, though i'm not going to feed her or anything. What's her name?

Haylie: .... Maddy.

Emma: Well, Maddy can be in the family too. Emma, Maddy and Haylie Swan. The foster kids!

Haylie takes Emma's hand.



Flash of scenes of Emma and Haylie growing up, they are clearly close and Haylie still watches over Maddy. They look happy. A few scenes of the two of them escaping the home and shoplifting. They think it's fun.


Emma is now 18, Haylie is 8 and Maddy is 4.


Emma: Hey Hayls come here.

Haylie: Jumps on to Emmas bed What's up?

Emma: You know the way i turn 18 this week? Well, it means I have to go. 

Haylie: Go where?

Emma: It means i'm not in the system anymore Hayls! I'm free to go wherever i like! Be who ever i like!

Haylie: Wow! Can i come too?

Emma pauses and looks at Haylie. She is eager and talented when it comes to stealing. She is the best thing in her life right now. 

Emma: I can't. 

Haylie: ... But why not? Don't you like me anymore? Because you're a new person?

Emma: No! That's not it I just... I would have to steal you.

Haylie: Or i could just run away. We've done it before! We'll just keep running this time!

Emma: Looks at Haylie and smiles Ok kid what's the plan?

Haylie: Ok so you leave and i'll have a couple of days before i run, that way they wont suspect you as part of it. I'll grab Maddy in the night and we can hop the wall and...

Emma: Woah woah wait. Maddy?

Haylie: Yeah? She's our sister too.

Emma: No Haylie. I can't look after two of you! You're old enough to keep up with me but Maddy, She's just a child. She doesn't understand any of this.

Haylie: I was 4 when you became my friend. Did you think I was annoying?

Emma: No! You were... You're... I was 14! I was still young too! Haylie. You've got to chose. Me or Maddy. 

Haylie looks up as her eyes fill with tears. She shakes her head and gets up off the bed, walking out of the room. Emma is left sitting of the bed alone. She rubs her forehead and sighs.


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