P.S. I Love You

Lexi was always bullied and had no friends, that is until new boy Niall Horan moves in down the street. He becomes her best friend but she wants to be more. What will happen? Will they ever be more than friends?


15. Taken

Niall's POV

We were justing walking and laughed at who knows what when Lexi stopped. She was staring at a man in a black t-shirt, an orange kenworth hat and grey skinny jeans. He was a well built man. "What's wrong Lexi?" I asked. "Get down." She said and hid behind some trees. "What's going on, Lexi?" Liam asked. "Shit, Liam. Stop saying my name." She said, still staring at the man. He turned around and locked eyes with Lexi. She started running. We ran after her and so did the man. "Alexis Marie Carter!" He yelled and Lexi sped up. The man caught hold of me. "I have your friend!" He yelled and she turned around, her eyes full of hate. I tried to get out of the man's grip but he was really strong. She ran back over and grabbed me out of his grip. She put her arms around me. "Niall." She said and kissed me. A boy grabbed Lexi and another grabbed my arm. They started running. I ran too. The first boy was dressed like Lexi except his suspenders weren't sparkly. The second had a varsity jacket and black jeans, he had a blond streak in his arm. We ran to a forest. They let us go. Blond streak said "I'm Zayn." The other one said "Louis Tomlinson." "Lexi Carter." Lexi told them. "Niall." I said Liam and Harry ran in. "I think we lost him." Harry said then they noticed the other guys. "I'm Harry, this is Liam." He said. "Louis." "Zayn" the boys said. "So, how do you know Joshua?" Lexi asked. "We met him yesterday, said he was looking for a 17 year old girl, said she was his daughter. Josh told us he'd pay us to find and kidnap her. We told him no and he cut Zayn's arm. We've been watching him so that he doesn't kidnap her." Louis said. "He's my father. He left us when I was 12, when I turned 14 he tried to get custody of me. He has been trying ever since. Joshua must have heard I was coming here." Lexi said We talked untill about 1:30. We went to get lunch, I was starving. We found out that Louis and Zayn were going to move to the USA if they could find a place in Washington. They moved from Doncaster. Zayn is 19 and Louis' 20. We all hung out untill a the man, Josh, came up behind Lexi and grabbed her. He pulled her away and all the boys and I ran after.

Lexi's POV

He tied my hands and feet and duck taped my mouth. He carried me to a dark alley. I saw another man carry Niall, also tied up, into the alley. A third man opened a hatch in the ground. Joshua carried me down and the two others followed, carrying Niall. The put us down on a small twin matress, both of us. Joshua pulled the tape off my mouth. "Don't scream or Andrew will hurt Niall. The second man, Andrew, had a knife to Niall's throat. I didn't scream. "Good girl." He said. I looked at Joshua "What do you want?" I spat. "Only you, like always." 


I was sitting in my room reading Fablehaven, a book by Brandon Mull, when dad came in. He took the book away a told me to take off all my clothes. I told him no and he took them off and raped me. Mom came home a few hours later he told me to never tell anyone.

***End Flashback***

"Come here" He said "No! Stay the hell away from me, you disgusting Pervert!" I backed into the wall. "I SAID COME HERE!!" He yelled. "I SAID HELL NO!!" I yelled back. He looked at Andrew and he started cutting Niall's neck. "No! Stop! I'll do any thing!" I started crying. "Shut up." He told me and Andrew lifted the knife. I got up and hopped over, he took the knife from Andrew and cut my the ropes on my hands and legs. He ripped off the tape on Niall's' face and cut his ropes too. "If either of you make a noise and will kill you." He said and went over to the hatch.

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